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longhairmike Apr 1, 2007

hmm,,, so now would probably a good time to ebay my original actraiser ost before everyone learns its due for a reprint...

but then again it could backfire and the reprint could be remastered or something...

TerraEpon Apr 1, 2007

Would be even better if they combined Actraiser with its symphony suite instead...


XISMZERO Apr 1, 2007

Somehow I would've thought this would just be an enormous disservice not to re-release Actraiser tunes; possibly the peak of Koshiro's musical career. A reprint with original and Symphonic Suite is an order!

Jodo Kast Apr 2, 2007

They should also include music from Actraiser 2, since I don't think it's ever had a proper release.

Jon Turner Apr 2, 2007

Jodo Kast wrote:

They should also include music from Actraiser 2, since I don't think it's ever had a proper release.

It never was, as a matter of fact, which is a shame, because I thought that game had some truly beautiful music.  I DID make an album of it myself, though; so I'm not too disappointed.  smile

-Jon T.

Carl Apr 2, 2007 (edited Apr 2, 2007)

I'll take it.


Speaking of PC-88 versions, I just opened my Sekaiju no MeiQ OST today, also done by Koshiro.  He's definitially a "chip guy", that's just where his strength is.

04. Battle - Initial Strike, and
15. Battle - Destruction Begets Decay

If you want Yuzo back in his prime with Ys I style goodness, it's right there.

GoldfishX Apr 3, 2007

Yuzo always claimed the PC-88/98 was it's own instrument and it's hard to disagree with that. It's actually a pretty refreshing philosophy, considering the realistic direction game music seems to be moving in. It's amazing the more realistic synth and even live instruments I listen to, I gain even more of an appreciation for the older sound systems. Composition is still the main factor and all, but I feel a lot of people really undervalue chiptune music. I think's really hard to see the value in "game music" without some form of appreciation for it.

BTW, the Castlevania: Gallery of Labyrinth OST has the same deal with the PC-88 sound source.

XLord007 Apr 4, 2007

Zane wrote:

PV updated the GMR page with some interesting info:

Talk about getting your money's worth!

Gotta say I'm a bit disappointed here.  I was hoping for more of a "best of" of his whole career instead of just three games, two of which I already have the OSTs for.  Oh well.

Knurek Apr 6, 2007 (edited Apr 6, 2007)

Worth getting just for the OPNA arranges of Actraiser music.
You can check how it may sound, by grabbing "SpeakBoard Music Show (Room 1)" hootpack from Hoot Archive. This has fan arranges of YK's works, should tell you what to expect.

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