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Godai Apr 15, 2007 (edited Apr 15, 2007)

Ack!  Two 45 mins performances by Norihiko Hibino and Akira Yamaoka, as well as "ghm" soundteam which would probably mean Masafumi Takada performed. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH.  I would have killed to see that.

Snake VS Zombie

A song from "GOD HAND" will be performed by Ghm Sound

Ghm Sound Team lead by Masafumi Takada.
They are narrowing down the program toward the showcase now. A song
from "GOD HAND" for PS2 is fixed to perform in the selection. Killer
tunes overflowing with rock flavor explode on live performance! Please
check this out!

Just saw that.  Dayuuum.

Nick G Apr 15, 2007 (edited Apr 15, 2007)

Yeah, I've known about it the past two months so how do you think I feel? God, I hope they filmed it and offer a DVD on their online store eventually.

Carl Apr 15, 2007

I'd buy a DVD in a heartbeat as well, but considering this little blurb was on the info page, our hopes are likely dashed to peices....

※The time between programs is for set change and DJ time.
※No photos, audio and video recording.

Q:Would it be possible to take a photo or record?
A:Photography and audio recording are prohibited unfortunately.

Nick G Apr 15, 2007

The ghm Records shop page was down yesterday so I was hoping they would have at least added the Silver #2 [Parade] single that they were going to sell at the show but the page is back up and no single sad I hope they do stock it soon.

Carl Jul 9, 2007

Looks like we might get to glimpse a few seconds worth of coverage at least...

«©NCS»  The July 2007 issue of Famitsu Wave DVD features video and magazine footage of the following entertainment software and events:

» Square Enix Party 2007 Report
» Hyper Game Music Event 2007
» Hopper’s Vol. 2: Snake vs Zombie Game Developers Event

Nick G Jul 10, 2007

I saw that bulletin, too. If I knew for sure that there was concert footage on the dvd I'd be much more excited about it. What are some good online shops to pick up Japanese game mags, anyway?

Carl Jul 10, 2007

I'm not expecting much (if anything) on the music side to be covered, they'll probably just show a bit of the discussion panels or something, but I'll have to buy one to find out and know for certain...

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