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the_miker Apr 21, 2008

This isn't exactly new news but it's new to me and I'm a big Hibino fan so I decided to share it here anyway. wink

In addition to MGS4 and the Sekaiju 2 arrange CD it looks like he's also doing music for two upcoming PSN/XBLA games.  1942: Joint Strike, which is a remake of the original Capcom game 1942, and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3, another sequel to Capcom's original Commando game.  Can't wait!


XLord007 Apr 21, 2008

Sweet.  Hopefully Capcom will release a box set with the OSTs to its download-only games.

Chris Apr 22, 2008

I updated Hibino's biography in light of the interview I conducted with Jayson about two weeks ago. He's involved in an impressive number of projects at the moment in addition to 1942 and Commando. I'm looking forward to the anime Blassreiter the most, although I'm not sure how much he is composing himself.

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