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Carl Feb 18, 2006

Wow - this Ryo Watanabe guy is awesome!
I'm talking about track 2 "Dazzling Ray" on the new NanoSweep.2 CD, easily the most unique track on the disc.

It hits the sweet spot of opposites just right:
Part Acoustic and Part Electronica, Upbeat/Energizing Yet Soothing/Relaxing at the same time, not up in your face yet still holds your attention....

I don't think Ryo Watanabe is on the regular Roster of artists on either Nanosounds or SuperSweep though, so I'm not sure of his connection...

If anyone can recommend other tracks in a similar style as this, that'd be fantastic, cause I'm eating this track up like candy at the moment, yum!

Google shows he's DJing at a live show next week, so somebody there in Japan should go check him out!!

25 February 2006 (Sat) @ Space Lab Yellow _ 22:00 Open
Door : Y3,500 (1d) _ w/flyer : Y3,000 (1d)
DJ : Ron Trent (Chicago), Ryo Watanabe (Face/Escape)
Music : House

Zane Feb 18, 2006

Dude, rock. Nano 1 & 2 are in transit. Can't wait to hear either of them!

Side note: have you (or has anyone) picked up Rumble Tune from VGM World?

Dragon God Feb 20, 2006

I have Rumbletuned. It's decent techno music, although some tracks are a bit on the repetitive side. If you're looking for Non-vgm music that sounds like vgm... I believe Cyborg'80s "Switched on Cyborg" (also on VGMWorld) album would be a more solid purchase.

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