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Arcubalis Jun 17, 2007

Reposting this from the GamingForce Forums in hopes that somebody is going!  Please tell me somebody is going!  Wish I could go.  sad

What: Ragnarok Online 2 Concert Live in Korea

When: June 20, 2007, 7:30pm

Where: Sejong Center Grand Hall, Seoul Korea

Ticket Prices: VIP tickets are ₩100,000 ($107.64), others are ₩80,000 ($86.11), ₩50,000 ($53.82) and ₩30,000 ($32.29). Aside from performing Ragnarok Online 2 background music, the concert will also feature some of Yoko Kanno’s popular works from Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Cowboy Bebop and Escaflowne.

Guest Vocalists:
Mai Yamane
Maaya Sakamoto
Non-Ragnarok setlist includes:
Ghost in the Shell: SAC - Inner Universe, Torukia (Turkey)
Cowboy Bebop - The Real Folk Blues, Blue
Escaflowne -Yubiwa (Ring)
Guest Musicians:
Tsuneo Imahori (guitar)
Masatsugu Shinozaki (violin)
Masami Horisawa (cello)
Suzuki Vagabond (bass)
Tamao Fujii (percussions)

Godai Jun 17, 2007

Oh man.....Yoko Kanno, Origa, Maaya Sakamoto, Mai Yamane, Tsuneo Imahori.  Please someone record this (LIVE TORUKIA sad(().

Zane Jun 17, 2007

Imahori?! Oh my... Imafuckingjealous over that. sad

Knurek Jun 18, 2007

Wonder if Yoko K... I mean, Gabriela Robin will sing something as well...

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