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Bernhardt Nov 15, 2007

Been listening to samples from the new Ar-Tonelico, along with its respective Hymnos, on RPGFan and CD Japan, and I gotta say, after the first Ar-Tonelico, and the rest of Gust's library up until now, these new Ar-Tonelico soundtracks are...boring.

The first Ar-Tonelico and its respective Hymnos were MUCH more powerful; these new tracks sound more generic, or otherwise more annoying, than all get-out.

But that's just based on the samples.

Anybody willing to offer downloads of these to me?

GoldfishX Nov 15, 2007

Much as I like the Gust Sound crew, I can't say any of these vocal albums they've done have clicked with me at all. They're strange and...well, strange. The OST itself is still pretty solid and stylistically consistant with the first...I wouldn't imagine a scenario where someone likes the first and didn't like the second. Doesn't take a lot of chances, but in such a downtrodden year for VGM, I highly value the consistancy.

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