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Kirin Lemon Jan 24, 2008

They never had the chance to put out a Sonic compilation.  Truly tragic.

CHz Jan 24, 2008

I was really sad to hear about Sega Direct closing down, but just because the shop is closing down doesn't mean that Wave Master is going to stop publishing albums, unless that was also announced somewhere and I missed it. Just trying to hold on dearly to that shred of optimism for a classic Sonic collection. sad

Still, though, a PS1-4 release is a hell of a way to go out.

GoldfishX Jan 24, 2008

Very nice...Much as I like the fact that 1-3 are on the PS Collection 1, having them as just 3 long tracks really sucks.

And congratulations PS4 for FINALLY making it to the OST party!

Ramza Jan 25, 2008

This is excellent news. I will buy this OST fo sho.

Daniel K Jan 25, 2008

GoldfishX wrote:

And congratulations PS4 for FINALLY making it to the OST party!

Exactly my thoughts. Funny how a game released 14 years ago that didn't get an OST release can get one this far down the road. It deserves it, though. Everything about Phantasy Star IV was awesome, not least the music.

the_miker Jan 26, 2008

I'm definitely buying this as soon as Kahori puts it up on her site.

Cross your fingers for one more CD release before Sega Direct closes shop.  *cough*Sonic*cough*


discoalucard Jan 26, 2008 (edited Jan 26, 2008)

I'm glad they're putting both the PSG and FM versions on here. The Sega game music collection CDs from like five years ago only used iffy the FM synth. Great news all around.

JasonMalice Jan 27, 2008

How do I buy this?

I can't read Japanese.

Qui-Gon Joe Jan 27, 2008

JasonMalice wrote:

How do I buy this?

I can't read Japanese.

Wait for to put it up for preorder, then do so in English.  I'm assuming she'll have this.

Daniel K Apr 7, 2008 (edited Apr 7, 2008)

Listening to this right now. Its an excellent job: very good sound quality, no tracks missing, tracks roughly in chronological order, almost every composition is played through twice with adequate fade and has its own track (as opposed to the sucky "lumped-together-deal" on the PS Sound Collection 1). Only a few tracks on disc 4 lack a loop, since it wasn't possible to fit all music from Phantasy Star IV on one disc with all compositions playing through twice (most of the time this isn't a problem, the sole exception IMO being "Machine Center", which is given only 52 seconds to shine).

Both versions of Phantasy Star I's score (PSG and FM) are on disc 1. Disc 2 has two versions of Phantasy Star II's soundtrack: the Japanese and the American/European. I knew that PS1 had two different versions of it's soundtrack, but I wasn't aware that there were two PS2 scores as well. However, the difference between the two PS2 scores is very slight, the only thing I can hear is that the Japanese version has much stronger and more pronounced percussion (especially noticeable in tracks like "Step Up"). The two versions of PS1's score sound very different from each other, though (although I guess most of us were already aware of this).

Included on the first disc is also the additional music from the 1998 SEGA Saturn "Phantasy Star Collection" (a compilation of all four PS games for the SS). The new music is played in the various menus. This is basically like getting 10 arranges of tracks from the original soundtracks.

Overall not much new material in this package, but if you're a fan of the music of the original Phantasy Star series, this is as good a deal as you could possibly wish for. As good a compiled classical soundtrack as the Rockman 1 - 6 Famicom set, only with better sound quality. Classical 8/16-bit JRPG music like they just don't make 'em anymore!

Daniel K Apr 10, 2008 (edited Apr 10, 2008)

I love all the soundtracks in the original PS series, and now when I listen to all of them back-to-back I can finally make a fair assessment as to which I think is the best. It has to be Phantasy Star II! I used to feel that PS4 was the best one (and it surely has many of the best themes in the series, as well as the most elaborate and complex overall sound), but PS4 also has a noticeable amount of filler that takes some away from the enjoyment of the score as a whole. PS2 is old-school happy melodic goodness all through though, with hardly any bad tracks (some of the best RPG overworld and battle themes ever IMO - brilliant in their simplicity). Funny that my least favourite game in the series has my favourite soundtrack in the series...

However, all of the soundtracks are great: its only a matter of small degree as to which one is the best.

xanadujin Apr 11, 2008

Yeah, II and IV are a tough match-up.  IV is a fantastic soundtrack but II probably wins for me due to heavy nostalgic factor.  So I'd probably rate them II, IV, III, I. 

- Justin Pfeiffer

Jodo Kast Apr 12, 2008

I'm very much looking forward to this, so I won't have to listen to those medley tracks on the Perfect Collection.

My favorite song from the series is from PS1 - Planet Motabia. I love the arrange on the Sega Rock album.

JasonMalice Apr 13, 2008

I want to buy it, but I can't throw down $60 PLUS shipping on an album right now.....sigh..

Red HamsterX Apr 13, 2008

JasonMalice wrote:

I want to buy it, but I can't throw down $60 PLUS shipping on an album right now.....sigh..

Ditto. I've had it open in a tab since it was announced just so I can't possibly forget about it.

C'mon, summer employment... I need soundtrack money. sad

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