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JasonMalice Apr 6, 2006

I know the Phantasy Star 1 and 2 Sega Ages remakes are out in Japan, but I haven't heard squat on the PSIV remake.

Then again, I am in Germany.


Idolores Mar 15, 2007

Excellent news. I picked up Phantasy Star Collection for GBA, and was disappointed that IV wasn't included. If these releases see stateside, then maybe I can finally play it.

Megavolt Mar 15, 2007

^If you're just looking to play the original PSIV, Sega Genesis Collection on PS2 has it.

avatar! Mar 15, 2007

JasonMalice wrote: … safe%3Doff

Well, it seems that there in fact WILL be a Sega Ages release of Phantasy Star 1,2,3, and 4.

Or something.

This pleases me.

Wait, a release here in the US? That would SO rock smile
But I'm skeptical, please let me know if you find any definitive answer. I couldn't understand the link info, but if a PS Ages were released here in the States I would so love Sega... and I'd love them even more if they ever release an arcade version of Shinobi and Golden Axe!!



richard Mar 16, 2007

I wasn't aware of the sega ages being released stateside. There were rumours a while back that some US company was going to do the revamped versions of 1 and I think 2, but that seemed to trail into dust.

I'd got the 1-3 collection on the gba, and the 2-4 collection on the Genesis collection for psp - am enjoying going back to 2, as I've not played it for a long while.

Dag Mar 16, 2007

It says it'll be released in summer this year (in Japan). Includes Phantasy Star I/II/III/IV and Phantasy Star II Text Adventure, whatever it is. These are the original versions though, IIRC the old "3D Ages" remake series were terrible and Sega canned it. Now the ports/emulation are handled by Sega.
It's safe to bet they are being emulated by M2, who apparently make great ports, adding progressive scan modes and fake scanlines and such (they did the Gunstar Heroes collection and are working on the Mega Drive emulation for the Wii VC).

I don't think it'll be released in the US though (5 old games with ancient translations, one of them not even translated, in the PS3 era? why bother when they can churn out another mediocre Sonic game).

richard Mar 19, 2007

the text adventures could be the two that came out for the game gear?

JasonMalice Mar 19, 2007

richard wrote:

the text adventures could be the two that came out for the game gear?

The PS Text adventures were the games that came out for the dial-up service for the megadrive in Japan.
They were text based, kind of like how Phantasy Star Adventure for the game gear, and how Radical Dreamers was.

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