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Herrkotowski Mar 17, 2008

That is interesting. I also found it quite odd that the tracklisting shows it as two discs, however the official information about the release lists it as one disc. Probably a typo though!

Arcubalis Mar 17, 2008

Actually, if you read the tracklisting found on Sumthing Else, it lists 70 tracks or whatever, but about track 30 or so, it says, "Disc 2 - Track Name," then continues with the tracks.  Seems like some limitation in their template that doesn't allow them to create separate discs?

Bernhardt Mar 18, 2008 (edited Mar 18, 2008)

Zane wrote:

That's... interesting, and slightly unexpected. Maybe it'll be easier to cough up $15 for it instead of $30+ plus shipping.

EDIT: and apparently Best Buy is selling it for twelve bucks. Yowza.

Well, hot damn, I was just there earlier today...I'll let y'all know if I actually see it in store...after it's released.

Arcubalis Mar 25, 2008

Wow, crap.  $9.99?  How the heck can they sell it for $9.99 and make any money?  I imagine there's a crapload of licensing fees they're paying to bring a domestic release here.

Datschge Mar 25, 2008

Arcubalis wrote:

How the heck can they sell it for $9.99 and make any money?

It's a digital "release", not physical one.

Arcubalis Mar 25, 2008

Oh.  I missed that part.  I guess $12.99 at Best Buy isn't much of a difference though.  It's pretty nuts.  I wonder if they just had a ton of them sitting around, and just swapped the booklets for the domestic release to get rid of them.

Zane Mar 26, 2008

Even though this was released yesterday, I wasn't able to find it in the local CD stores or at Best Buy and Circuit City. I guess I'll have to try again later this week.

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