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Angela Jun 24, 2008 (edited Jun 24, 2008)

It's already been announced for a few weeks, but it looks like Otomedius is finally getting a home release.  It's slated for Japan on the 360, 9/25/2008.

Official Site:


Assuming iNiS's Lips actually becomes a reality, I'd be dead set on getting a 360 by the Fall.  How is the import situation with the system?  What sort of mods, if necessary, are required to play different region-coded games?

EDIT: Is that a rearrangement of "Cherish The Blue Skies Given To Us" at the trailer's 1:15 mark?!

Carl Jun 24, 2008 (edited Jun 24, 2008)

I'm guessing the 360's games (and LIVE service) are region-coded, so importing this for my bro's system might not be playable w/out a modded console?

Highly doubt this will be getting an American release, since tits-and-ass cartoon characters are off-limits, yet Dead or Alive Beach Vollyball's gigantic boobs are fine.

Gameplay looks sweet, no shooter fan should be passing this up...

Jay Jun 24, 2008

A lot of 360 games are region free and a lot of them aren't. There are sites that test them but I can't think of one off hand. Some of the import online shops do fairly regular checks I think.

Angela Jun 25, 2008

Hm, so basically, I won't know if Otomedius is compatible until it's released, eh?  Guess that'll give me the time needed to make the proper purchasing arrangements.

I'll at least give Sony credit this gen for making their games region-free.

Stephen Jun 25, 2008

Angela wrote:

Hm, so basically, I won't know if Otomedius is compatible until it's released, eh?

Yes.  The game region-encoding appears to be decided on an individual basis.  It does not look like Microsoft mandates this (one of the few things they get right).

So we have to wait for importers to get their hands on the game to see how compatible it is.

XLord007 Jun 25, 2008

Just watched the trailer.  Looks pretty cool, though I don't get why the aspect ratio keeps changing.

Echo Jun 26, 2008

Is this a disc release or live arcade only? Looking good so far, although I was expecting more from the graphics (to me this looks no better than Gradius V, which looked awesome already on PS2).

Carl Jun 26, 2008

"Sexy Gradius V" looks fine to me as an unofficial title.

Angela Jun 26, 2008

Yeah, there's certainly some Gradius V-isms in there.  Look at the giant red eyeballs at 1:09 -- it's even accompanied by the same hit-collision sound effect.

Stephen Jun 26, 2008

Since Treasure made Gradius V for Konami, I would not be surprised if Konami was re-using assets.

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