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charmed699 Jul 5, 2008

I would definetly go and also make it my first trip to Japan if I was not a full time student which means no money for the trip. tongue

It would be nice if anyone from here that is going to tell us how it went and perhaps buy us some stuff. I would so buy some of Ema's snackoos just for a laugh if I went, even if I dont like sweets much... tongue

Carl Jul 18, 2008 (edited Jul 18, 2008)

Tickets are now on sale

SS席 7,140円(税抜6,800円)
  S席 6,090円(税抜5,800円)
  A席 5,040円(税抜4,800円) ※全席指定

Also the Voting for the new song addition seems to be closing on the 31st.
Here's the candidates for the new track, I think...

2.糸鋸圭介 ~イトノコ刑事っス
6.宝月 茜 ~カガクの刑事


charmed699 Jul 25, 2008

They are really into the Ace Attorney series arent they? Not that I can blame them as the dialogue ia excellent and all the characters fit in perfectly.

I can't believe they are going to sell a bag of good old Wendy with her spacesuit on. tongue

If this keeps up for the next few years I will have to save up some money after uni and go on a few days trip just for it.

Crystal Sep 23, 2008 (edited Sep 24, 2008)

I just got back from the Fall GS concert.
There were two shows this time: afternoon and evening.
I went to the evening show, and that was already a big mistake.
The DVD and Cd already sold out, when I got there.

I had to PAY for a pamphlet which was 1000 yen. It’ll be sold on E-capcom.
While the April one was black colored, this one was white, with blue-ish foil.  But interestingly, the Phoenix embossed on the top of the pamplet Glows in the dark!!.
I didn't see any cameras and mics this time, so most likely no dvd of this concert.

We got another promo cd this time too.
1)guitar serenade (old)           
2)Steel samurai vocal  (old)
3)NEW!  Phoenix Wright’s theme (digital midi-music box version)
4)NEW!  BLUE BADGER!!!!  (digital midi-music box version).
It’s that one-of-a-kind instrument (kanadeon) Iwadare played on in April

The most interesting news is there’s going to be a GYAKUTEN MUSICAL!!!!!!
And not just any musical, it’s a collabo with the TAKARAZUKA TROUPE!!!
Takarazuka is an all female musical troupe. They even showed the girl who would be playing Phoenix.  As expected, everyone was shocked!!!
The musical will be performed Feb 5-15 2009!!! Tickets to be sold 12/2008.
OMG!!!   Apparently, there was talk of an anime, but ultimately they decided on this new route.

I was really pissed. The guy next to me kept FIDGETING!!!!

Program list: pretty much the same as April's.
1)odoroki housuke
2)GS 1-3 court medley
3)Swinging Zenitora
4)Godot – the fragrance of dark coffee.
5)Miles Edgeworth’s theme

6) Gyakuten 4 Court Medley
7) Bad guys medley: Gant, De Killer, MDM
8) Loving guitar serenade
9) NEW!!  Detective’s medley: Gumshoe, Ema Skye, Jake Marshall
10) Maya’s Theme- Gyakuten Sisters
11) Gyakuten 3 Ending
12) Steel Samurai
13) Phoenix wright’s theme

14) NEW!  Taiho-kun (Blue Badger’s theme)
Best line ever from Miles: What is the wriggling piece of plywood?!

Carl Oct 13, 2008 (edited Oct 13, 2008)

The Nintendo Channel for the Wii (in Europe) now has Concert Video Footage of the performance of Godot's Theme, to promote the Trials & Tribulations game which finally just came out in the EU region....

This'll do for now until the DVD ships.

Carl Oct 29, 2008

Came across a bootleg recording of the Autumn Concert, so here are the 2 new songs which were added into the Autumn performance.

Detective's Medley - Gumshoe, Ema Skye, Jake Marshall.mp3
Blue Badger's Theme.mp3
Gyakuten Saiban AUTUMN Orchestra Concert 2008 - Audience Recording.rar

Angela Oct 29, 2008

Carl wrote:

Came across a bootleg recording of the Autumn Concert, so here are the 2 new songs which were added into the Autumn performance.

Nice.  I would never have imagined the Blue Badger could sound so..... regal. :)

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