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Arcubalis Oct 2, 2008 (edited Oct 2, 2008)

Bernhardt, I liked it a whole lot.  Wrote a review here if you're interested:

It is good to see that Kikuta is able to keep up as a musician.  It seems that without an arranger/orchestrator, some composers have fallen behind the curve in terms of production values, but the album sounds great.  I highly recommend picking it up.

EDIT:  Oh, and it's not an orchestral arrange album.  It's simply his contributions to the game's soundtrack.  Kenji Ito did the rest of the score (I think?).

Bernhardt Oct 11, 2008

Well, arrange or not, it's still an orchestral-style album, and sounds live enough for me; EXCELLENT material, EXCELLENT quality. Soft flutes and chorals, along with booming brass and piano, why, it sounds like a Hitoshi Sakimoto/Basiscape score!

And, there's still nuances of Seiken Densetsu 2/Secret of Mana in there! "Selvaggio" sounds suspiciously reminiscent of "Morning Has Come" (Theme just before you fight the final boss).

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