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Chris Nov 6, 2009 (edited Nov 6, 2009)

I've been doing a lot of artist interviews recently, but maybe the highlight so far has been an interview with Hiroki Kikuta, elegantly conducted by Justin Pfeiffer. While Kikuta has talked quite a lot before, it's pretty awesome to get some insight in a lot of those previously ignored projects.

But maybe most exciting is the confirmation that he is about to start working on a new RPG project. I wonder what it is and whether the title has been announced yet? Does anyone have any ideas of their own? If I find out any more, I'll keep you informed.

Also, Tiara and Moe-Nikki albums coming for those of you who follow his eroge work.

Ramza Nov 6, 2009

A glorious revival of the Seiken Densetsu series? SD3 remake? tongue

SQU/\REHE/\D Nov 7, 2009 (edited Nov 7, 2009)

This guy is amazing.  Hope it comes state-side and its not on a portable.

xanadujin Nov 9, 2009

The way he put it in Japanese has a sense of, "a certain company (wink wink)," like it was a big one.  If I had to guess, I'd say he was referring to Square Enix.

- Justin Pfeiffer

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