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Qui-Gon Joe Mar 28, 2006

Gamefront is reporting that Namco wants to sell 200,000 copies of Xenosaga 1+2 for the DS.  Ignoring the fact that Namco always says that they want to sell about twice as many copies of Xenosaga games as they actually do end up selling, is anyone even remotely excited about this thing?  Unless they ash canned the bland-but-tolerable battle system from the first game and the horrendously boring and painful one from the second and replaced them with something actually fun, it seems that this portable version is defeating the entire point of playing Xenosaga in the first place.  I would've been a lot happier with a port of the cell phone game about Ziggy and... uhh... the guy in the black robe whose name I can't remember now.

Carl Mar 28, 2006 (edited Mar 28, 2006)

Speaking of Namco, anyone played those Mojipittan games?  They're puzzlers, right? 

The first soundtrack had a couple ultra-catchy songs (STF-0012) and there was a Mojipittan-remix on the XenoSaga Freaks cd too.

I'm curious if the new PS2 soundtrack will be just as good...  (PCCR-90020)
[Edit: oops that's PSP]

XLord007 Mar 28, 2006

Qui-Gon Joe wrote:

Is anyone even remotely excited about this thing?

I'm not exicted about it, but I'll get it if it comes to the U.S.  BTW, I liked the battle system in XS1.  It's the only RPG where I actually enjoyed leveling-up.  Anyway, I think the sprite stuff looks very cool, but I don't like the new cheap-looking anime art very much.  And I agree that Namco's 200,000 unit projection is a bit ridiculous considering how Children of Mana has been doing (an all-new entry in a series of similiar popularity with a high review score and rather slow sales).

Ryu Mar 28, 2006

I'm assuming Namco derived that figure from sales of the Xenosaga series so far.  Namco is usually conservative with its sales figures, aren't they?  Are these Japanese sales intentions or worldwide?  Is the game even planned to come out here?

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