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HamandSushi Jul 12, 2006

So yeah.

h3 Jul 12, 2006

Maybe Tomorrow is shit. FFXII's Kiss Me Goodbye might have been generic, but at least Angela Aki had a strong voice.. Maybe Tomorrow is really, really bad.

Apart from that, there are some nice songs on the soundtrack, my favorite now being Hepatica (KOS-MOS)..

HamandSushi Jul 12, 2006

I've only heard samples, but Maybe Tommorow can't be worse than Pain.  Well, the lyrics, at least.

I AM worried that Kajiura got a little lazy, though.  The arrangements of Episode II tracks are pretty boring.

bluefish Jul 12, 2006

I was happy to find out that a song I loved in one of the trailers (turns out to be Hepatica - KOSMOS) is on here. Of course, being presented in a trailer, it turned out to be one of, if not the, best tracks. Other than that...Outrageous and Promised Pain are pretty nice. A lot of the tracks sound generic and indistinguishable from each other. "Maybe Tomorrow" feels a very, very weak effort. It seems like it recycled lyrics from "Sweet Song" and well, most other songs like it. Also, I heard there were something like 120+ tracks in the game? There are only 40 on this "Sound Best Track." Maybe a full OST release would've been swimming in the filler-type stuff.

XLord007 Jul 12, 2006

HamandSushi wrote:

I AM worried that Kajiura got a little lazy, though.  The arrangements of Episode II tracks are pretty boring.

Shock of shocks there. :-)

HamandSushi Jul 16, 2006

I listened to some more of it....It isn't bad, but there's waaay too much filler, and even most of non-filler is much simpler and "generic RPG music" than Episode II.  The actual game will be much better, though, simply because I never have to hear non-fighting game Hosoe again (knock on wood).

Qui-Gon Joe Jul 16, 2006

Is Hosoe not doing the in-game music for Episode III?

I just picked up this soundtrack and have to say that despite being a defender of Kajiura's stuff from Episode II (it was the first thing of hers I've ever heard and I rather liked the large majority of it), I can understand the claims that she just wasn't trying on this one.  There are two tracks total that I really want to listen to repeatedly from disc 1.  Disc 2 fares a bit better, but overall I don't think it comes even close to Episode II.  sad

HamandSushi Jul 16, 2006 (edited Jul 17, 2006)

Kajiura's doing it all, hence the drop in quality.  I have amended my impressions now to: Pretty good, but what is frustrating is each track could be Episode 2-worthy with just a little more attention...

One positive is the silly Magic Girl Anime language is gone.  Also, there is a wider range of "orchestronica."

And-but-also, Maybe Tomorrow is a corny 80's pop ballad, but so were all of Mitsuda's Xeno-ballads.  Admittedly, they had the nice Celtic flair, and didn't use the most tired pop chords in existence.

At least it ends half-way through, and gives us Sweet Song. smile Edit: Or not.

Wanderer Jul 17, 2006

Didn't care for it. Then again, I found Episode II's music lackluster as well so that's not a surprise.

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