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eb4eva2006 Apr 2, 2006

I have had something very weird occur with this disc and I'm wondering if it's just my copy.  The sixth track:"Find your Way to the top" has some weird bleeping noises like something is wrong with the disc when played.  There are no scratches so I'm assuming it is a weird recording error.  Can anyone else with this cd check and confirm to see if their copy also has a problem with the sound on vol.2, track 6?  That would really help.  I just want to know if I have a defective copy or not! 


Amazingu Apr 2, 2006

My copy works just fine.
Around what time does the bleeping occur?

eb4eva2006 Apr 2, 2006

It's throughout the entire track- it sucks b/c it's the best arrangement on the disc.  Thanks for checking.

Jousto Apr 3, 2006

I haven't noticed anything weird with my copy, either. What are you playing it with? Even if it sounds a bit far out, but maybe it has something to do with your problem. My copy plays fine in every player I've tried as well as in my computer, though...

And that track really is the best one on the CD, easily.

Yuriev Apr 8, 2006

eb4eva2006 wrote:

The sixth track:"Find your Way to the top"

there are actually titles for the tracks? i only got the mp3s and they were named after the Robotmaster. the sixth track is the Wily arrangement? or is it the Windman arrangement? i can't hear anything strange on the mp3s though.

anyway, could you list the titles for all the six tracks? maybe the tracks for vol. 1 too if anyone has that one?

Yuriev Apr 8, 2006


Crushman? it's actually Gutsman's theme from what i can hear.

and track 3 is a medley but it doesn't include the opening from RockMan3. i believe it's just Magnetman's theme with variations of the Password theme in the beginning, middle, and at the end. the intro doesn't sound like the opening from RockMan3 at all.

i like track 6 but i was a little disappointed that it's so much slower than the original bgm.

Razakin Apr 8, 2006

Yuriev wrote:

Crushman? it's actually Gutsman's theme from what i can hear.

Well, it's Crushman on that disc, as this picture shows.

Yuriev Apr 8, 2006

maybe his name was always supposed to be Crushman.. it does fit him and "Guts"man always sounded odd for a robot.

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