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Ugly Bob Mar 5, 2009

I'll definitely be going, as it is only 10 dollars and Boston is pretty close. Anyone else here from the area?

The funny thing is that I thought I heard them say Nobuo Uematsu was going to be there. Not quite... … ra-march-5

Smeg Mar 5, 2009

Way to post the news on the day of the event :-p  I expect there would be more folks interested if they'd have had a heads-up.

Ugly Bob Mar 5, 2009

I know, I only just heard about it today

Guess I need to pay more attention to local news...

Zane Mar 5, 2009

Holy shit! I'm about 10 minutes out of Boston. Damn, I'll be there, for sure!!!

charmed699 Mar 5, 2009

Tell us how it went guys to everyone else that lives all over the world! big_smile

Zane Mar 5, 2009

I showed up about 45 minutes before the concert to get my ticket... AND... they were sold out. Super lame.

Ramza Mar 6, 2009

damn, this could've used more publicity. I wish I had known about this.

Ugly Bob Mar 6, 2009 (edited Mar 6, 2009)

Zane wrote:

I showed up about 45 minutes before the concert to get my ticket... AND... they were sold out. Super lame.

Damn Zane, that sucks!

I had called earlier around 2:30 pm and they said the sooner the better when it comes to being able to get tickets. They really ought to add the ability to buy tickets online...

I'll make sure to post such information next time.

I'll post my review/impressions later today!

Zane Mar 6, 2009

Ugly Bob wrote:

Damn Zane, that sucks!

Yeah, for real. I had some familial obligations around dinner time and didn't have the chance to head into town until 7ish. Oh well. My mom is more important than a game music concert, so I don't feel too bad about it now despite being disappointed last night.

Chris Mar 7, 2009 (edited Mar 7, 2009)

No need to troll, but yeah... I have the opposite opinion about Jack Wall's conducting abilities to Ugly Bob. I don't like his game compositions either since they're mostly derivative and attempt to create illusions of grandeur. But they're more acceptable than his conducting.

Good to learn about this group anyway. It's nice to see some eminent musicians at Berklee celebrating game music in some way.

Ugly Bob Mar 7, 2009

I am not totally sold on Jack Wall, as I have heard that he is quite the self-promoter. I'll have to attend more of his shows...

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