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Adam Corn Feb 19, 2010

Just recently posted samples of this.  I'll have a preview up tomorrow'ish but am definitely enjoying it after my first few listens!  It's no DQIV (which I still consider the best of the series), but the main theme "Angelic Land" is gorgeous, the town themes quite nice and the purely classical pieces more accessible than those of most Dragon Quest soundtracks.  The second half of the album is a bit slow but still I'm very satisfied with my purchase.  Anybody else picked it up yet?

Wanderer Feb 19, 2010

I didn't care for the synth OST but this already sounds a lot better. I was waiting to hear samples before buying (as oddly, eight days after its release, there isn't a trace of this disc online). It's worth noting that "Sandy's Theme" is just as annoying with an orchestra. I guess there's not much that can be done with such an irritating theme.

(I'm partial to the DQV Symphonic Suite, personally...)

Pedrith Feb 21, 2010

Yeah I had preordered through Cd Japan, and am very happy with the soundtrack.  The track Angelic Land is amazing and beautiful.  This one ranks up with Dragon Quest III as my favourite.


Adam Corn Sep 14, 2010

You should really hear the Symphonic Suite. wink  I would guess the themes you're referring to are track 7 on the SS (can't check the YouTube links on my work PC).

There's a sample on the album page if you'd like to give the orchestral version a listen.

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