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Aran Nov 1, 2017

I know this site is a tad inactive, but I hope the symphonic suites of VI and VIII get added to the CD list sometime. They're also some of my favorites of the series.

jb Nov 2, 2017

I'm sure if you sent Adam a review he would post one. big_smile

Aran Nov 5, 2017

I'm sorry, I meant to say the Tokyo Met version of VI. And you should give VIII a listen, it's one of the best IMO.

Adam Corn Nov 25, 2017

I've been meaning to review all the Dragon Quest symphonic suites I haven't gotten around to yet, though I doubt I'll ever go into super detailed comparisons like I did with DQIII and DQIV.

I never got over the sub-par recording quality in Dragon Quest VIII Symphonic Suite (the first done with the Tokyo Metropolitan Orchestra - later ones improved substantially) though my other limited impression was that it branched out a bit more than previous DQ scores from the traditional DQ classically-influenced sound. It was mentioned in another thread that the recording quality in the 3DS re-release may have been improved. Any word on if that carried over to the album release?

As for Dragon Quest VI Symphonic Suite...

GoldfishX wrote:

I found VI a tad...laid back? A consistent listen but outside of the town music medley, relatively lacking in highlights.

That was pretty much exactly my early impression of the London Philharmonic DQVI Symphonic Suite... I'd have even called it tedious or boring in places. Then I heard the Tokyo Metropolitan recording and my opinion improved drastically. For some reason it just has a weightier, more dramatic sound to my ears.

I believe I've mentioned this elsewhere but in comparison to the previous Dragon Quest symphonic suites, Dragon Quest VI is one that you really need to give a patient listen for the thematic development - of which there is a lot - instead of just the highlights to fully appreciate. Once I reached that point (which was after hearing the Tokyo Metropolitan Orchestra version) it became one of my favorites of the series.

Aran Nov 29, 2017

"Any word on if that carried over to the album release?"

Yes, the 3DS version features what I'd call remixed, or remastered music. It sounds like they went back to the master audio tracks and re-adjusted the levels of the mic channels. It's a bit clearer, but most of all it's much less "echoey" and sounds more like a nice studio recording, more in the direction of the London Philharmonic DQ albums. The Album release also features the re-done audio, which you can sample here:

I really want to get this album sometime. It's an improved version of one of my favorite DQ SS's.

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