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Daniel May 3, 2006

Hey all, question.  I was at Coco EBIZ today and i see this newly released cd called Absolute Area - Project Thunder Force VI!   Now I thought this was already released as BROKEN THUNDER full of tracks they composed for the shleved Thunder Force VI game.  I looked at the track listening on this cd and they're all different names from the Broken Thunder cd, what is this cd??  Is it more music from the shelved game?  Is the game actually coming out with this music?? If anyone's heard this let me know how it is compared to thunder force 5 and broken thunder music.  Broken Thunder had some really great tracks on it, I really hope we'll see another thunder force game with this music put to it.

Nick G May 3, 2006 (edited May 3, 2006)

To my knowledge the music is from the Technosoft arcade game Hyper Duel with an arrangement of a Thunder Force III tune. I've played Hyper Duel and the music is not the same on this disc as it is in the game. If you liked Broken Thunder, however, you will enjoy this album. I don't know why it has the Project Thunder Force VI insignia on it. For me, the Thunder Force series reached its musical prime with II and III. Everything following it has become exceedingly less melodic. I miss the Technosoft of yesteryear sad

Vaeran May 3, 2006

Veering slightly off-topic, why is it that I've never once seen a single track from the first Thunder Force game? Even that Best of Thunderforce album only contained music from II-V. What gives?

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