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Adam Corn May 6, 2014

VGMdb has a batch of new Technosoft Game Music Collection albums listed as released on April 25 (volumes 16 to 22, with 20 currently unlisted).  Volume 22 is the infamous Genesis shooter/mind-bender/electro-rocker ThunderForce II.

The album is listed as "ThunderForce II 2014".  My Technosoft knowledge is limited, has there been a previous ThunderForce II release?  And for that matter, what were Techosoft Game Music Collection volumes 1 to 3?  They aren't listed on VGMdb (under the name Technosoft, anyway).

Adam Corn May 7, 2014

It seems there's quite a bit of arranged material on Volume 1.  I'm sure there must've been discussion about those early volumes on the old forums, but how do the arranged versions compare?

And does anybody know if this is the official Japanese site for what's left of Technosoft / Tecno Soft?  They have all the Music Collection albums listed as for sale, though it's possible they just don't indicate what's out of stock.

Ramza May 7, 2014

oh my gosh... Neorude 3!

How are they obtained?

The_Paladin May 7, 2014

Well, it is odd that 1, 3, 5, 10, and 15 are all dated and therefore reprints but anything else before 15 is not changed.  Also, since they are reprints, were they also remastered since the older volumes at least had low volume levels if I remember right.  I just recently got vol. 1 & 2 of Neorude 2 at a good price, but if I could have bought it new it wouldn't have been that much more.  So, I emailed the site to see if they will ship to the US, just waiting on a response... outside of that you might need a middleman to deal with the site since I don't see the albums mentioned anywhere else.

The_Paladin Oct 23, 2014

Reviving a dead thread, but I'm wondering if anyone has gotten anything off the technosoft site.  I've contacted them through the support page on their site twice asking (in Japanese so no reason to ignore outright one would think) whether they would ship to the US and never got any response.  I've seen the occasional album floating around (and usually marked up from the list price) but no idea whether these are being bought online or through retail within Japan.

Crash Oct 29, 2014

I had Jerold order a few albums from their site when they first reprinted their albums, and had no difficulty in getting them (shipped within Japan).

The_Paladin Oct 29, 2014

I might try a special order, but I am really confused why they wouldn't answer messages through their support page.  I'm not sure which albums you ordered Crash, or whether you're familiar with the original prints but can you speak to whether it's remastered audio (as the volume was very low on the originals).

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