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vert1 Jul 7, 2011 (edited Jan 15, 2017)

Violence Reborn
Experience extreme action on the razor's edge as Ninja Gaiden 3 evolves onto the Wii U console.
⦁ The sharpest edge of various ninja weapons can dismember enemies
⦁ The strongest blade - Hone your fighting skills with tests of valor
⦁ The sexiest ninja - Play as the deadly kunoichi Ayana in all-new stages

Ninja Gaiden 2 is my favorite game of this console gen. Looking at this one it appears they are going to mess it up. Red flags go up when I hear the word "accessible". There are some really cool moments like the ultimate technique red aura emanating from Ryu and knocking enemies into the air by sliding. However, sliding may be on the broken side and the amount of qte sequences is annoying.

I don't have a problem with stealth in a Ninja game, but it just doesn't look like it will be well implemented. The guy makes it sound like you should feel sorry for killing these enemies; the enemies have to be "humanized". Are they going to name each enemy we kill? Heh. The story in Ninja Gaiden just needed better voice acting for the bosses. I'd be impressed if they could make it worth caring about.

More to come.

Visceral improper use.

Amazingu Jul 7, 2011

vert1 wrote:

The guy makes it sound like you should feel sorry for killing these enemies; the enemies have to be "humanized".

What IS it with good, old-fashioned action games suddenly forcing guilt and emo-trips on us lately!?

First Other M, then 3rd Birthday, now even good old Ryu Hayabusa!?
This is getting seriously old, Japan!

vert1 Aug 22, 2011

Team Ninja said Ninja Gaiden III will not feature decapitations or dismemberments, the staff said "We don't think people want to see that anymore, as they've already seen it."


Who doesn't want to see that? That was what made Ninja Gaiden 2 so great. It's really a shame that they're going to destroy the franchise.

Amazingu Aug 22, 2011

If your franchise is "great" only because it features decapitations and dismemberments, it probably deserves to be destroyed.

Pellasos Aug 22, 2011

indeed. violence didn't draw me into NG, it was the gameplay.

vert1 Aug 22, 2011 (edited Aug 23, 2011)

Violence is the "gameplay". The whole game is based on doing violence to others. What were you drawn in by the wall running and swimming or something..?

The obliteration technique is just amazing to watch. I never played the original Ninja Gaiden on XBOX and have no desire to because of the improvements in 2. Having claws and huge scythes without the brutality of decapitations and dismemberment is a huge step back for me. It seems like Ninja Gaiden 3 won't even have other weapons besides the sword.

This team obviously has little idea what gamers want. The game was teased as being a "more violent and bloody experience", but is being toned down. They are putting in slow wall climbing, easy-pasy qte's, and stealth segments that will most likely be underdeveloped -- All they had to do was copy Ninja Gaiden 2.

Amazingu wrote:

If your franchise is "great" only because it features decapitations and dismemberments

No one said this.

Zigfried Aug 28, 2011

vert1 wrote:

I never played the original Ninja Gaiden on XBOX and have no desire to because of the improvements in 2. Having claws and huge scythes without the brutality of decapitations and dismemberment is a huge step back for me.

I may be misunderstanding your point here, but NG on Xbox did have decapitations and dismemberments.  Less blood than part II, but it still provided a gratifying conclusion to each kill.  The structure of the game is pretty different, too; I wouldn't say that either one supercedes the other.

Otherwise, I agree.  The "new" Team Ninja clearly misses the point of the hyper-violence, which is to maximize the impact of every kill.  Look at old EGM and Mega Play shooter reviews from the '90s and you'll see "nice explosions" listed as a positive trait -- how much sense would it have made for a developer to intentionally dial down the power?  Did Team Ninja learn nothing from all the complaints about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2?  (Although, in that one, they reduced both the violence and the number of enemies.)

I'm still curious about this one, but I'm not optimistic.

vert1 Nov 22, 2011 (edited Nov 22, 2011) … kill-a-man

And gone in NG3 are the collectible orbs that Ryu previously absorbed from dead foes, the energy that we once used to upgrade ninja weapons and restore his life force.

"Game design has changed so much and so quickly," Hayashi said of the change, a mechanic he speaks of as if it were an artifact from 2004. "For Ninja Gaiden 3, we want to immerse players in the world, so having little yellow orbs come out of enemies didn't really seem appropriate for a modern game. That's why we took them out: to try to increase the sense of immersion."

Even without orbs and their upgrades, Ryu won't be limited to using his Dragon Sword in Ninja Gaiden 3, Hayashi says, with weapons doled out to him over the course of the story. That too, he argues, will adhere to the immersive experience, with new weapons further exploring the concept of face-to-face killing.

The intensity of every fight made the immersion that no amount of orbs could detract from. Orbs are now "inappropriate" in a Ninja Gaiden game. LOL. I guess the developers thinks that 'modern' games are all "realistic" which is incredibly boring.

I really don't get this whole concept they are trying to push as new of 'face-to-face killing' or 'sword-to-bone'. That shit is clearly in Ninja Gaiden 2 (i.e. obliteration technique). And they say there are new weapons but I haven't seen one screenshot of Ryu without his dragon sword.

Amazingu Nov 22, 2011

Hmmm, I dunno.
I'd have to agree with the guy that the whole "Orb Upgrade" system is getting incredibly old, but replacing it with just getting new weapons at regular intervals doesn't sound very exciting either...

Ashley Winchester Nov 24, 2011 (edited Nov 24, 2011)

I don't like Ninja Gaiden III. The Ancient Ship of Doom was easily the weakest game in the trilogy. Watch out for the Bio Noids! Scary!


I know we're not talking about the NES games but I just had to make a take a crack at the unambiguous nature of the thread title and the fact I'm a few decades behind everyone else.

vert1 Nov 24, 2011

I always put the system title next to the game to avoid that. I don't know why I didn't for this thread.

We should start a Ninja Gaiden 3 (NES) thread. Gotta shell out a lot more than I thought to own it.

vert1 Mar 14, 2012

Ninja Gaiden 3 Official Xbox Magazine review details
Shui Ta
Video Game News Examiner

The latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine contains a review for the upcoming multiplatform title, Ninja Gaiden 3. A user from the GameSpot forum posted some information on the article. You can check out the latest screens from the game in the slideshow to the left of this article and the details below.

Official Xbox Magazine gave Ninja Gaiden 3 a score of 8 out of 10. Compared to the previous games in the series, the gameplay in the sequel has been streamlined and simplified due to changes like having only one main non-upgradeable weapon and health regeneration after every battle. The action-adventure game includes five difficulty settings, frequent quick time events (which can be turned off) in addition to the returning Ninja Cinema mode. Overall, the Official Xbox Magazine describes Ninja Gaiden 3 as “a noticeable step back due largely to all the gameplay decisions that are taken out of your hands.” Even so, they mentioned that it is still among the finest action games on the Xbox 360.

Continue reading on Ninja Gaiden 3 Official Xbox Magazine review details - National Video Game News |

You can check out the list of details from GameSpot below:

QTE’s can be turned off in the options menu, but are frequent throughout the game, from a slow- motion knee slide to slicing through enemies to using the Kunai climb.
Playing as Ryu makes you feel like a super hero as he is nearly unstoppable, meaning you won’t die as nearly as much as in previous games.
Five difficulty levels: Hero, Normal, Hard, Master Ninja and Ultimate Ninja.
Gone is every primary weapon save for Ryu’s single sword (You still have shurikens).
No yellow essence currency from killing enemies or opening chests.
You are stuck with a non-upgradable sword and Ryu’s health regenerates after each battle, so health restoring items have been excised.
Ninpo has become a use it or lose it perk that powers up during each encounter.
Limb removal is gone.
Campaign is split into eight days and the story runs circles around the other games.
Bosses are nowhere near as memorable or numerous as you’d expect from a Ninja Gaiden game.
Only one cameo from a Dead or Alive character, Ayane.
You can lower the difficulty at any point in the game.
Ninja Cinema returns.
Ninja Gaiden 3 will be released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America ob March 20th.

Never expected anything good from this one, so I'm not really stunned on how terrible everything sounds.

vert1 Mar 18, 2012

Okay. So apparently there will be more weapons available on dlc. … er-stages/

Following Ninja Gaiden 3's launch next week, Tecmo Koei will release some post-launch goodies: four different pieces of free DLC content. According to Famitsu, these include two new weapons and two new stages for multiplayer.

The Eclipse Scythe and Moukinsou are a -- well, the scythe is a giant scythe. The Moukinsou are some giant claws that Ryu Hayabusa equips to his arms and legs. While the scythe is slow and powerful, the claws make for much more versatile and combo-heavy attacks.

Clan Battle, Ninja Gaiden 3's four-versus-four online multiplayer mode, will be bolstered by two additional stages: a desert-themed locale and perhaps the most iconic stage of battle for the ninja, a submarine. We can't tell you how many epic ninja battles we've seen go down several leagues under the sea, in a metal tube. It happens all the time.

Tecmo has yet to announce the release date of the above content.

Multi-player looks interesting. You can kill yourself to die honorably in it! The tap button to repel attack qte stuff is too prevalent though from what I've watched.

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