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Leon Jun 6, 2012

First details of the June 25th album release were recently revealed.

The album will include 173 tracks with unreleased music from the Pokemon Black & White, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Platinum. All tracks will be digitally remastered with supervision from Game Freak's Sound Team. It will include a 24-page booklet documenting the development of Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 and will also include liner notes. (Summary courtesy of VGMdb).

OP adopted from a thread I made for NeoGAF.

For me: this is fantastic news. I've always wanted to listen to the music from Emerald and Platinum on-album, and being able to listen to demos and unreleased material from B/W is great too. The actual soundtrack will probably be led by Shota Kageyama, knowing my luck, but other Pokemon music leaders like Go Ichinose and Hitomi Sato are bound to be important.

What do the gents here at STC think of Pokemon music, anyway? I'm mostly a fan of Ichinose's work, but there's a bunch of great mainline Pokemon music that I think a lot of game music enthusiasts look over.

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