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Adam Corn Dec 23, 2012

How did I not hear anything at all about this till this week.  Anyway shortly upon finding out about it I made the trip to Akihabara to pick it up along with a couple other overdue acquisitions.

I've not even given it two full listens yet but I have to say I'm pretty disappointed so far. There hasn't been much in the way of noteworthy themes and what's worse is the arrangements and orchestration sound extremely basic. Even with some of the slower DQ symphonic suites you can at least appreciate the artistry behind them but that doesn't look to be the case here.

Will report again after I've given it some more listening but I recommend everyone wait for some samples to make there way out before investing in it.

Wanderer Dec 24, 2012 (edited Dec 24, 2012)

Like the IX Symphonic Suite, I thought it was pretty but devoid of any particularly interesting melodic material. Just sounds like Sugiyama going through the motions.

The final boss piece was pretty exciting, though. I usually find this composer's battle themes to be hit and miss but it's fun when he makes the instruments go wild.

Still, the first thing I did after listening to it was pop in DQV Symphonic Suite. NOW we're talking.

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