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XISMZERO Jun 14, 2013 (edited Jun 14, 2013)

Atlus' webpage has four tremendously beautiful samples of the excellence to come by Yuzo Koshiro and Norihiko Hibino. If you liked Sekaiju no MeiQ IV's soundtrack, you'll love the this one even more. More completely live instruments and plenty of arrangements from the first game done in wonderful strings, jazz, rock and a little funk. I know many missed the chiptune style the series began on but it will return -- coexisting with the live style SekaQIV brought about.

Personally, I thought SekaQ's SAV was a tad lacking, but that was a long time ago. THIS is how it should have been done. I wish I was brut enough to play Etrian Odyssey, but those hours I sunk into the original DS title have gone to crap. I happen to adore the music -- probably some of best stuff out in the industry today.

Moses Jun 23, 2013

Sounds great.

Pellasos Jun 23, 2013

i love the original SAV. but this one is also pretty nice smile i'll play the game anyway.

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