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Adam Corn Nov 26, 2014

This was just announced a couple days ago.  I know the first few Etrian Odyssey OSTs and arranged soundtracks were a pretty big deal over here, haven't heard so much about the last couple.  How has Yuzo Koshiro's work for the series been holding up?  Excited for this next one?

jayavictory Apr 16, 2015

I return most often to Etrian Odyssey 3 Super Arrange and Live Music by Piano & Strings: Etrian Odyssey I & II. Love the latter the most out of the series albums. Still believe it to be Koshiro's best work since Bare Knuckle II. [Bare Knuckle III had more misses than hits]. I really enjoyed the remixes of his non-falcom work that he did for Magfest in 2011 [Super Shinobi, ActRaiser, Bare Knuckle I-III, etc..] The highs of that concert work really well in displaying many of his best work in the first great period in composing. [Now, if only Mitsuda could come back for a new era.. but, alas, quality JRPGs now come sparsely and I feel like the golden age for JRPG soundtracks has mostly passed.]

avatar! Apr 16, 2015

That trailer... did absolutely nothing for me. And I'm a fan of Etrian Odyssey. Will this be for the 3DS? Story? Some details, any details, would have been appreciated.

XISMZERO Apr 23, 2015

Without parroting to much of what others have said here, the production values are extraordinary, the band play is dedicated and tight if a little on-rails for my liking. The entire SekaQ IV-pioneered sound design is starting to sound redundant though, not solely due to tracks reprising themselves on the "Shin" series (like the FOE Battle) but also arrangements being done and done again.

I'd like to see another Super Arrange project or something to break from these original soundtracks, which have so much potential to stretch their muscles but Koshiro doesn't really allow it in an original game soundtrack environment (and it likely wouldn't be appropriate anyway).

I know, I know, it's not happening, bit I'd love to see this style done with his classics a la Actraiser... but hey, those SekaQ albums sell and boy do they ever. I would say they're as hammered as Persona sound merch.

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