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LiquidAcid Dec 10, 2013 (edited Jan 1, 2014)

Better late, than never!

SQEX-20015 | FINAL FANTASY X HD Remaster Original Soundtrack (really taking a leap of faith here, since IMHO the original album is already perfect as it is)
SVWC-7980~1 | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica MUSIC COLLECTION (kinda happy that Kajiura still gets the 'official treatment', even though it's with much delay)
CPCA-10324~35 | ROCKMAN X SOUND BOX (already own the X1~6 box, but this could be a nice upgrade)

VICL-64097 | Gochisosan Original Soundtrack "Gochiso Note" (TV drama soundtrack by Yoko Kanno)
KDSD-00670 | Shirahana no Ori ~Hiiro no Kakera 4~ Music Collection (contains Michiko Naruke vs. Kaori Oda vocal song)
ANZX-9232 | Galilei Donna Vol.1 Bonus CD (very short enclosure release for latest Hamaguchi)
N/A | Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- Original Soundtrack 1 (Masato Kouda goes anime)
FFCT-0034 | Ruchika / canoue (first officially released canoue mini-album)

N/A | Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica The Battle Pentagram ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK (more Kajiura, for the Madoka game adaption)
SQEX-10412 | Cure SQ (the SQ have been mainly hit or miss for me, so I'm not expecting much here)
STGR-1 | Fairy Dance / Remi (I usually enjoy Remi's vocals)
THCA-60021 | Fantasista Doll Original Soundtrack (added this, since I had the enclosure bonus ones in the other threads)

Even though I've got three release preordered, there actually isn't so much new material this month. The FFX album is just a re-arrangement of the original FFX soundtrack. The Madoka collection doesn't seem to follow the way the corresponding music collection for Kara no Kyoukai was done (arranging the short cues to longer segments), and therefore is more like a compilation of the enclosure bonus discs. So, also no new music here. Same goes for the Rockman X box. Everything was available before, except maybe for the more obscure stuff on the last disc.

- liquid

The_Paladin Dec 10, 2013

LiquidAcid wrote:

SQEX-10412 | Cure SQ (the SQ have been mainly hit or miss for me, so I'm not expecting much here)

A whole album of covers done on recorder... possibly one of the worst ideas ever.

Ashley Winchester Dec 10, 2013

I have the Rockman X Box ordered... but I probably won't receive it until next year. Kind stinks that I already have 85~90% of the music already legitimately (the only things I don't have that are on it are Irregular Hunter, Xtreme and Xtreme 2 and the bouns track) but this is great for people who want X7 and X8 and don't want to pay for OOP soundtracks because it seems like EVERYBODY is trying to get around $100 for those albums. Unless you need/want the original prints the box is the way to go.

But I'm dissapointed they didn't include the Rockman X arrange album. I mean I just re-obtained this one but I wouldn't have hurt to have thrown it into the box along with everything else. I mean the Rockcan got the two special mini arranged CDs.

Jodo Kast Dec 10, 2013

Only one December release looks interesting to me:

And I already own it, thanks to AMZ JP only using the fastest possible shipping speed. I enjoy the fact that the soundtracks are medleyized and not broken up into separate tracks. This is the first time I've heard Pro Wrestling on CD.

Ashley Winchester Dec 11, 2013

Jodo Kast wrote:

I enjoy the fact that the soundtracks are medleyized and not broken up into separate tracks.

Eh... to be honest the medley approach is what drove me crazy about CVIII on Best 1...

jb Dec 11, 2013 (edited Dec 11, 2013)

December, December, you hurt my wallet this year...

COCX-38295 Nintendo FAMICOM MUSIC -- We'll see what this has to offer.  Sort of disappointing use of Bluspec and moderately annoyed that they're not broken out into individual tracks but meh.
NEODAI-4503 Final Fantasy VII vinyls -- Collectible, can't say no to that!
SQEX-10392 LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII Original Soundtrack -- Hamauzu <3
SQEX-10412 Cure Sq -- I ordered this just because... but after hearing the samples I'm 100% going to sell this.  I have 0 interest in it whatsoever.  KuriKorder might be a thing in Japan but it won't be a thing on my shelf! It sounds awful.  If anyone is interested in purchasing this off me at cost, send me an email.
SQEX-10420 FINAL FANTASY X-2 Original Soundtrack -- Never picked this one up
SQEX-20015 FINAL FANTASY X HD Remaster Original Soundtrack -- Hamauzu Remaster YES PLEASE!
VICL-64097 "Gochisosan (TV Drama)" Soundtrack "Gochiso Note" -- Kanno, naturally.

My irresistible compulsion for box sets continues (Ramza can vouch...):

CPCA-10318 Devil May Cry Sound Box
CPCA-10324 Rockman X (Mega Man X) Sound Box -- Nabbed the original Rockman 6CD and the ECan, this should essentially complete my Megaman collection.
KECH-1661 Nobunaga's Ambition 30th Anniversary CD-BOX  -- I am -really- excited for this album because I love a lot of the old Nobunaga albums and arrangements (Kanno among others!).  What I'm not looking forward to, however, is translating (or trying to) all the complex Japanese historical words. Ugh.
WWCE-31321 Phantasy Star Music Collection 2000-2007 -- This should essentially complete my Phantasy Star collection, too (within reason).

Things not released in December that I lumped together with this order:

TKCA-74030 Kaguya-Hime no Monogatari Soundtrack -- Joe, of course I'll buy it!
KICA-3216 EVANGELION Piano Forte -- Heard some great, great things about this album
SQEX-10411 X'mas Collections II music from SQUARE ENIX -- Nakano please come back sad

Merry Christmas to me?

GoldfishX Dec 11, 2013

Is the Nobunaga set just the OST's or is the arranges too? Any idea? I don't love oldschool Koei enough to deal with the OST's, but the arranges...yes, please!

jb Dec 11, 2013

I have no idea but well find out!

Jodo Kast Dec 16, 2013

Here's a December release I found at AMZ JP that looks interesting.

GoldfishX Dec 22, 2013

Adam Corn wrote:

- Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki OST  (does anyone listen to this series anymore?)

I don't think so, but this one is interesting mostly for the sheer size of it. Four discs for a Falcom album is rare, new or oldschool.

XLord007 Dec 27, 2013

Adam Corn wrote:

Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki OST  (does anyone listen to this series anymore?)

I'm a late comer to the LoH series, buying all of the CDs since Trails in the Sky. I just got the above, but I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. Looking forward to it.

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