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Amazingu Sep 26, 2014

It's been out here in Japan for a few weeks, but I'm holding out for the Wii U version.
I played a bit of this at E3 and I just don't think it's really suited for a such a small screen.

raynebc Sep 27, 2014

My room mate and I played the 3DS demo.  Not too bad, but I'm definitely waiting for the Wii U version, got the bundle pre-ordered.

XLord007 Sep 27, 2014

I'll be getting it. Remember that Club Nintendo has a two-disc soundtrack offer if you get both versions.

Aran Sep 27, 2014

I played the demo for quite a while. The gameplay speed is perfect this time. Mario for top tier, lol!

GoldfishX Sep 27, 2014

My friend brought the demo to a session the other day. I like the idea of it, but I couldn't get used to the analog stick on the 3DS for playing the game at all. And as Amazingu said, the screen is too small. Glad I have a Wii U, so I can hold out.

absuplendous Sep 28, 2014

At the moment I am, at best, considering getting the 3DS edition solely to gain access to the soundtrack and then resell the game. I enjoy Smash Bros., but not enough that I need two copies; I certainly don't need one for on-the-go. I'll definitely get the Wii U edition.

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