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Adam Corn Nov 30, 2014

A Kickstarter for "Chris Huelsbeck - The Piano Collection" has gone live.  The project is coordinated by Chris himself and will feature piano arrangements of titles including Turrican, R-Type, The Great Giana Sisters, Apidya, Gem'X, Extreme Assault, Jim Power and more, arranged and performed by Patrick Nevian.

An overview of the pledge tiers and rewards:
$19: Album download (including FLAC) and 3 PDF piano scores
$29: Album CD and 3 PDF scores
$59 and up: Album CD and printed score book with biographical notes, in various signed and numbered editions

The project met its funding goal in barely over an hour's time, and the limited run of 500 first-edition score books is going fast.  Current status and more details at the project Kickstarter page: … -limited-s

Adam Corn Feb 25, 2022

This wound up being quite a good album. Only a few of the featured tracks have melodies familiar to me and still I really like it. It's available for purchase on Bandcamp and is on Spotify etc so def give it a listen! … s-h-lsbeck

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