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faceless007 Jun 9, 2006

Kind of a random question; I finally picked up some of Mitsuda's non-game works (Kirite, Sailing to the World) because I'm such a fan of his, and now that I'm about to rip them to my MP3 collection, I realized I have no idea what genre they would fall under (for the purposes of ID3 tagging).  OSTs I just put under "Game," but I don't really wanna do that with these.  Anyone have some suggestions?

Qui-Gon Joe Jun 9, 2006

There are a lot of genres Mitsuda could fall under, though I'd probably go with either "ethnic" or "instrumental," depending on the track.  Also, FYI Sailing to the World IS from the soundtrack to a game.  Kirite is not, though, but you could justify calling it a "soundtrack" as it is designed specifically to accompany the novella it ships with.

HamandSushi Jun 9, 2006

Kirite: Good Music, Almost ruined by the Schreechiest Voice in Tokyo

Sailing to The World: I'm Not Making Any Money Off This One, So I'll Be Damned If I Spend More Than Ten Minutes Composing It, Or, The Poor Man's Kirite, Or, Korea's Kirite


I like both Kirite and SttW.

Smeg Jun 10, 2006

faceless007 wrote:

Anyone have some suggestions?

Leave the field blank.

Moses Jun 10, 2006

Celtic, Easy Listening, Ethnic, New Age...

Zane Jun 10, 2006

Genre: awesome.

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