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vert1 Feb 18, 2017 (edited Mar 15, 2017)

EDIT: Due to the set character length allowed in the subject header compromises were made to the text. Thread title is referring to the Final Fantasy XV OST [Limited Edition] Bonus Disc, which is a piano arrangement of FFXV tracks.

Does anyone here have both? What do people think of the piano music in general from this game? I only have the former, and it has 'Disquiet'; the best track and is not on the other release.

I don't listen to a lot of piano vgm music, but I think 'Disquiet' should make top 10 vgm piano track lists.

Adam Corn Mar 1, 2017

For anyone else who was confused, as I understand it there was a bonus disc in Final Fantasy XV OST Limited Edition that had six piano arrangements, three of which are included in Final Fantasy XV Piano Collections (which also includes seven new arrangements).

I'd be curious to hear thoughts on FFXV Piano Collections as well. Given the short 38 minute length and that it was the epic choral-orchestral tracks that largely made FFXV OST, I'd be a little surprised if the Piano Collections is a keeper. Would be happy to be wrong though! They've certainly been on a pretty solid roll with their recent Piano Collections up till now.

jb Mar 1, 2017

The piano arrangements really add a lot of heart and warmth to the songs, I'm really happy with it. The choral stuff was pretty good and I'm glad with their song selection for piano arrangement, i.e., all Yoko tracks (expected).

TerraEpon Mar 1, 2017

38 minutes AND it leaves off 3 tracks from the other one.

It boggles me anyone thought this was something that should be done.

jb Mar 1, 2017

TerraEpon wrote:

38 minutes AND it leaves off 3 tracks from the other one.

It boggles me anyone thought this was something that should be done.

That's because the other one is a bonus disc. It wouldn't be much of a bonus if you could just get it elsewhere.

TerraEpon Mar 2, 2017

There are numerous examples of "bonus discs" that you can get all of it elsewhere.

jb Mar 2, 2017

Sure, and there are just as many examples of the inverse. I guess I'm more surprised that this in any way surprising, shocking, or unexpected ("boggles me"). It's definitely short and includes 3 recycled tracks, but on the flip side they also got it out within 2 months of the OST, so there's that. Could probably postulate on it all day but I don't think it's unusual.

Adam Corn Mar 2, 2017

Sure it would have been nice to have all the piano tracks from the limited edition included on the piano collection (and it would have made me more likely to buy the latter) but it's not surprising that they would leave some part of the limited edition, well, limited. In any case Square spreading bits and pieces of soundtracks among different releases is hardly anything new (the orchestral albums in particular come to mind).

vert1 Mar 15, 2017 (edited Mar 15, 2017)

The thread title should be more clear, but there are restrictions on the character count and I wanted to keep the word 'piano' and the words 'limited edition' in place of something aesthetically dull like 'disc 2'. I would change it to be more accurate now, but I find the imagery of a limited edition Final Fantasy piano the text conjures up too hilarious to change it; plus, it would further confuse the discussion by retroactively altering the title. I think only editing the op will keep the topic coherent, assuming everyone reads the op, while also providing an explanation.

The bonus FFXV disc is succinct, somber, serious, -- . I've listened to it two days in a row this week. The feeling of a complete journey. I'd love to revise my top 10 vgm cds list as it's definitely in my top 10 vgm cds I own.

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