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Adam Corn May 23, 2020

The 7 disc, 157 track original soundtrack to Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming soon on May 27. Besides featuring of course Nobuo Uematsu as composer of the original PS1 version's compositions as well as the new theme song "Hollow", the credits on VGMdb list Masashi Hamauzu and Mitsuto Suzuki as main contributors, along with a good half dozen "additional composers" including, surprisingly, Capcom and Namco mainstays Tadayoshi Makino and Keiki Kobayashi. It seems unclear at this point whether Hamauzu and Suzuki were mainly involved in arranging Uematsu's pieces or in contributing to the substantial number of new compositions.

CD purchase links:
- Play-Asia (STC affiliate link)
- CD Japan
- Square Enix Store NA
- Square Enix Store UK

There's also a limited edition which includes an 8th disc consisting entirely of "jukebox" tracks from the game, though it appears to now be out of stock.

jb May 24, 2020

I am more hyped about this than any soundtrack in the last 25 years. The game was incredible, the music was incredible. The amount of thought that went into every single track is just beautiful. The way they took the existing music and updated them 3+ times to be played as different arrangements throughout the expanded story while still staying true to the original is equally amazing.

Beautiful story, beautiful game, beautiful soundtrack.

Call me a fanboi, sorry not sorry.

Qui-Gon Joe May 24, 2020

The game was a bit of a roller coaster for me - when it started I loved everything but HATED the combat.  After the intro chapter combat finally clicked and I adored basically everything.  The new stuff they were adding to flesh out the AVALANCHE members was great, and I liked the sector 7 section a lot.  As the game proceeded, though, I felt like some of the new stuff just felt like boring padding and didn't really add a lot, and then the later parts of the Shinra building (avoiding spoilers just in case) draaaaagged on foreeeeeever.  All that said I LOVE what they did with the cast, and despite some complaints it was so beautifully nostalgic jumping back into that world all these years later.  Anyway that was a long preface to I ADORED the soundtrack.  I'm not always the biggest fan of Hamauzu (I think his highs are VERY high but his lows are VERY low), but this soundtrack got a preorder for me not long into my playthrough of the game itself.  Can't wait for it to come in!!

Adam Corn May 24, 2020

If we could not talk about the game basically at all here I'd appreciate it as I'm still working my way through it big_smile Feel free to discuss it in the Gaming forum though, I'll probably have some thoughts to share there as well when I'm done. (I'm around chapter 10 now, am trying to pick up the pace.)

Very curious to hear from you guys how the soundtrack set works on its own once it's out.

GoldfishX May 25, 2020

I have no experience with the game and my thoughts are the "Mini" soundtrack that comes with some versions of the game can basically pass for a quality arranged album. It has probably my favorite arrangement of the The Prelude, the new Fighting is fantastic and it actually made Tifa's Theme...good!? That alone has me eager to hear the rest of the music. Low points...The Turks theme lost virtually ALL of its coolness from the original, the main theme is kinda meh and I'm hoping Scorpion Sentinel and Lay Down Some Rubber do not represent Still More Fighting and Crazy Motorcycle (the latter of which is now some fairly generic guitar riffs and not much melody). I also picture Stand Up playing in a sleazy bar in Midgar or something. It's cool for what it is.

Zane May 27, 2020

I had preordered the 8-disc version of the OST but canceled it after I heard the full rip on YouTube. After being underwhelmed or disappointed by new arrangements and bored by the original music I heard the song "RUN RUN RUN" and knew this wasn't for me. What a letdown.

XLord007 Jul 27, 2020

I just opened this up and aside from the beautiful packaging, I'm wondering, is this the largest CD release for a single game ever? At eight discs, I can't think of any other single-game release that has more. I realize that there are much larger collections that cover multiple games or games like Final Fantasy XV that have their OSTs spread across multiple releases that add up to more than eight, but is this the record for one game in one release?

Jodo Kast Jul 29, 2020

In my experience, this is the only 8 disc single release OST out there.

I've listened to around 100 of the tracks so far and there's definitely some interesting stuff in here. I can't even begin to rate this yet, as it'll take months to properly experience it all. (One of the impediments is my preference for Fire Emblem arrange albums. It's going to be a while before I stop picking the Premium Arranges first thing when grabbing my AK300.)

Adam Corn Feb 26, 2021 (edited Feb 26, 2021)

Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack is now on streaming services. Here's the Spotify link: … SX91uEPyqg

Wish they'd have split the track list by disc. Is everyone else here getting Japanese titles for the tracks or is it just me?

TerraEpon Feb 26, 2021

On Spotify, Japanese.
Couple other places, like Tidal, it's English.

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