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Qui-Gon Joe Aug 8, 2017

Okay, last entry for tonight (I think?)!  The existence of a third BRA BRA/Brass de Bravo CD snuck up on me and I was pleasantly surprised to have it to look forward to this summer.  I was super excited because of how much I loved the concert last year ( … ort/tp8142) and these provide a refreshingly different take on Final Fantasy music versus Distant Worlds.

If you've heard the other albums that preceded this one, you'll generally know what to expect.  The album starts with a really high energy version of the FF5 main theme, which I never really loved like a lot of the FF main themes, but has definitely grown on me over the years.  This might be my favorite arrangement of it?  It continues with Elia, Maiden of Water from FF3, which is fine.  This was also never one of my favorite FF tracks, and my first time hearing it was on Pray, which I still really like to this day.  The Bra Bra version is a pretty straight forward arrangement. 

The next track is Mt. Gulug (it's still Gurgu Volcano to me- I don't care what they've retranslated it as).  Always loved this track, and I love this arrangement of it.  Fits right in with the general feel of these brass band arrangements.  It's followed by Vamo 'alla Flamenco, which is a much smaller-scale arrangement than the Distant Worlds one.  I like both; they complement each other well despite being different interpretations.  Terra's Theme is next up, and is also a track covered many times before on FF orchestra albums.  Gotta admit, though, even though it's probably nostalgia, that I still love basically any and all versions of this theme.  Including this one.

Next up are two tracks that are, as far as I can recall, new to live orchestra recordings.  The first is Ami from FF8, and the next is the motorcycle chase from FF7.  Ami is a lovely piece, and this version adds more warmth than the piano album.  The Chase is cool to hear this way because it's such a big change, and it reminds me of hearing The Man with the Machine Gun on FLWV for the first time. 

Force Your Way is similar to what you'd expect.  It sounds very similar to A New World spinoff from Distant Worlds.  The Rebel Army is at least much more bombastic and feels worth having a different version.  Aerith's Theme is... Aerith's Theme.  It's a new arrangement, and it's nice enough, but I have little to say about it.  Dear Friends has more of a big-band feel to it than previous versions that I remember.  I really like this version of it, and evokes more of that concert I attended last year than anything else on the CD.

The last track is, oddly enough, my favorite.  A Place to Call Home has always been one of my favorite tracks that hardly anybody talks about from an FF game (it's the opening theme to FF9).  I remember humming this to myself while mowing the lawn at my grandparents' back the summer before the game came out, really excited about the music and the game from the trailers. 

A couple links!
Motorcycle Chase:
Dear Friends:
A Place to Call Home:

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