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Qui-Gon Joe Oct 1, 2017

YES!  I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the music I heard in the demo of the game, especially considering how disappointed I was in Bravely Second's OST.  Composer seems to be a guy named Yasunori Nishiki, whose previous credits include a bunch of games I've maybe heard of but definitely never played and don't really know anything about.  But yeah, lots of good stuff in here, and that second link you posted is definitely pretty freaking awesome!

Pedrith Oct 3, 2017

I really liked what I have heard.  Primrose theme's awesome.  The other themes were really good.  I can't wait to play through the whole game when it comes out.  If the rest of the soundtrack is as good as we got on the demo then I will be importing the soundtrack from japan smile

jb Oct 3, 2017

I like a lot of what I hear here, though I could do with out a lot of the tin whistle stuff.

GoldfishX Jan 9, 2023 (edited Jan 11, 2023)

I'm necroing this thread to just say I had sampled this soundtrack several years back without it leaving a huge impression. Somehow I ended up with this game in a recent BOGO deal when trying to stock up on Switch games and started playing. A few weeks later, this is the first JRPG in 15 years (since Suikoden V) I've crossed the 40 hour mark on. I'm in the process of finishing off the 3rd tier missions for the characters I need to get up to speed (my main squad is Tressa, Cyrus and Olberic, with a rotating 4th character) and it's structured in such a way that I feel okay-ish picking it up after some time off. I also respect that it will completely murder you by the 3rd tier missions if you don't actually learn how to play it properly. Respect through fear. Or something like that.

Needless to say, the music has gone up a few notches after hearing it constantly in context. It just strikes this surreal balance of being out of the way (with some exceptions) and bringing this retro RPG game world that is literally trope after trope to life. I've had a few really odd "zen" moments with some of the more wistful area themes and the battle themes are just glorious in that old-school fantasy rock-out way. For me personally, hearing the composer thoroughly embrace the style of classic RPG's with his own spin is MUCH preferable to the decade+ prior of trying to move away from that sound. Nishiki nailed it. Some tracks stand out more than others, but I can't say there's a single bad or throwaway track on the whole soundtrack. Also worth pointing out my initial sampling was mostly disc one character themes while things really didn't start to take off until the second disc.

So yeah. I've been out of the loop on new RPG music for awhile (my focus has been largely on retro compilations from the past few years plus some of the newer Falcom stuff), but damn shame I missed this experience when it first came out. Happy to see it didn't go unnoticed.

Jon Turner Jan 11, 2023 (edited Jan 11, 2023)

I have to second (third?) the recommendation of Octopath Traveler's soundtrack.  It's absolutely terrific, a delightful homage to old-school JRPG style scoring, with modern instrumentations/orchestrations bringing it into the present, with a result that comes across as fresh and original.  Up until now I have not been familiar with the work of this composer, but Yasunori Nishiki really knocked it out of the park.  The use of different instruments to represent the characters' themes gives it a sort of "Peter and the Wolf" vibe, and the end credits suite is a treat.  It's unsurprising that a sequel is coming this year.  Consider me interested in hearing more of this.

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