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Adam Corn Jul 25, 2019

An album of 16-bit arrangements from the 16-bit-inspired RPG Octopath Traveler released July 20. At only eight tracks it seems awfully short for an album of this type, though at 2160 yen it is priced on the cheap side to match. Here's the track selection:

01. Battle I
02. The Flatlands
03. Flamesgrace, Guiding Light
04. Tressa, the Merchant
05. Battle II
06. The Trees Have Eyes
07. How Amusing!
08. Decisive Battle II

jb Jul 25, 2019

The unfortunate point about the cost is it’s a JP e-Store exclusive so you’ll pay extra if you need to import. So it goes.

Qui-Gon Joe Jul 28, 2019

Has anyone actually heard this?  It came out over a week ago and I keep hoping to find any kind of samples of it online to see if I should get it or not.  There also doesn't seem to be almost any information about the new Break & Boost album that comes out today.

Zorbfish Aug 13, 2019

So has anyone heard this yet? Given its 16bit and arranged by Kenji Ito I assume it's Romancing Saga / SNES style?

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