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Adam Corn May 28, 2019

The fifth Distant Worlds Final Fantasy orchestral album just released on Bandcamp. … al-fantasy

Here's the tracklist:
1. Final Fantasy V: Clash on the Big Bridge [3:09]
2. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward [4:34]
3. Final Fantasy VI: Dark World [5:32]
4. Final Fantasy IX: Unrequited Love [4:50]
5. Final Fantasy XII: Flash of Steel [3:44]
6. Final Fantasy VI: Opera "Maria and Draco" [13:42]
7. Final Fantasy VI: Searching for Friends [4:16]
8. Final Fantasy X: Hymn of Fayth [1:49]
9. Final Fantasy XIII: Saber's Edge [4:13]
10. Final Fantasy Series: Cinco de Chocobo [4:42]
11. Final Fantasy XV: Ignis and Raves - Theme Medley [4:45]
12. Final Fantasy XI: Sword Song ~ Battle Medley [4:01]

I've only given it one preview listen on Bandcamp so I'll give it another try or two before sharing opinions.
Going on first impressions I'm guessing jb will have some choice words for it though big_smile

jb May 28, 2019

I'll listen shortly but one thing that annoys me right off the bat is they really need to stop including the Opera from FFVI on everything. It's cool to hear once but I don't need a 14 minute track on every Distant Worlds album or at every performance. It just breaks up the flow of the performance/album. They could easily fit 3 or 4 tracks in its place, it's just wasted opportunity.

jb May 30, 2019

I listened to this a bit more and I'm not nearly as disappointed as I was with the New World album. The song selection could be better, and I'm not really interested in the choral stuff (although Hymn of the Fayth is pretty good), but it is otherwise decent and listenable. Skipping the Opera track, of course.

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