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the_miker Jul 12, 2006

Booya!  Composed by Basiscape composers Manabu Namiki and Mitsuhiro Kaneda.  Comes out in two weeks!  I have a friend who went to Japan recently and played the game and he said the music is incredible, so I really can't wait to grab this.  I just hope Kahori can stock it given Cave's crappy policy on selling to international customers in the past. (thanks PV!) smile … -0004.html


Zaggart Jul 12, 2006

Wouldn't it be kind of hard to listen to the music becasue you would either die very quickly of mass bullet spray or because the sound effects' volume? Cheers to your friend. Either way, I have no idea of what to expect becasue I forgot what they said about its music in discussions. That is my hardly useful two cents.

Nemo Jul 12, 2006

I think P-Asia will stock this, they stocked both Mushi and Ibara.  I still want a PS2 port of the game.

soo Jul 12, 2006

It's manabu namiki, so it should be great tongue

Harry Jul 13, 2006 (edited Jul 13, 2006)

the_miker wrote:

I just hope Kahori can stock it given Cave's crappy policy on selling to international customers in the past.

Not likely. It'll probably have the same fate as Ibara; that is VGMWorld never got any copies (and considering that ESPGaluda is perhaps even more popular than Ibara, I wouldn't be surprised if my prediction was entirely accurate).

I was informed of this title about 2-3 weeks ago, but Cave never gave me the details of the soundtrack. Why do they hate us international fans so?

At any rate, Namiki and Kaneda are great and their music is usually high standard. This should be no different. But it's an expensive price tag and I'm afraid I'd probably not be able to grab a copy.

(I believe I announced the title on GMR first. ;_; )

Carl Jul 13, 2006

ZOMG!  More shooter goodness!   smile

Good to see the Basiscape group getting lots of work these days.

Yay for CAVE in general, but Boo for their limited releases.

Zaggart Jul 13, 2006 (edited Jul 13, 2006)


Disc1 Original Version
02:Mutiny - 運命は少女と共に/Stage1
04:Higher/Stage Clear
05:Azures - 生命の化身/Stage2
06:Deserted - 姉と弟と…/Stage3
07:Aerial - 砂塵浴びる哀/Stage4
08:Hatred - ずっとこの時を待っていた/Stage5
09:Galuda - 完全なるモノへ/Stage6
10:Kujaku/Last Boss
11:Vertigo/Game Over
12:Prayer/Name Entry
14:Voice Collection/Voice Collection

Disc2 Arranged Version
01:Fatidic (Ver.誘-イザナイ-) /Select
02:Mutiny - 運命は少女と共に(まさKING MEMORY&DREAM MIX) /Stage1
03:Descend(まさKING BATTLE ver0.1 MIX) /BOSS
04:Higher (Ver.静→動-セイドウ-) /Stage Clear
05:Azures - 生命の化身 (Ver.蒼-ソウ-) /Stage2
06:Deserted - 姉と弟と… (monoxide Arrange) /Stage3
07:Aerial - 砂塵浴びる哀 (覚聖MIX) /Stage4
08:Hatred - ずっとこの時を待っていた (travel '90) /Stage5
09:Galuda - 完全なるモノへ (道イクREMIX) /Stage6
10:Kujaku (Reloaded) /Last Boss
11:Vertigo (Counterpoint) /Game Over
12:Prayer (まさKING SWEET TIME MIX) /Name Entry
13:Ascend (Endless Arrange) /Ending

The cover is awesome but I don't know how to post it, if you want to see the cover check parodius' ESPGaluda II thread at the shmups forum.

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