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Daniel Jul 4, 2006

Wow!  Just got this recently released shooter for the Dreamcast at playasia.  What an incredible game!  I recommend anyone that likes shooters buy this IMMEDIATELY.  And Yes... the music is FREAKING AMAZING!!! Theres some links at play asia in the under defeat section that goes to some video and music samples!  Get the limited edition while you can though.  It comes with a music cd with all the arranged music that was made specifically for the home version of the game.  You can also play the game with the arcade original music.  Dreamcast lives!

Zane Jul 5, 2006

Daniel wrote:

Absolutely!! What other games has this guy done!?

Daniel. Welcome, man. Welcome to the wonderful world of Hosoe. smile

I can wholeheartedly recommend the following CDs that Hosoe has either composed himself or has collaborated with members of his kick-ass Supersweep team on:

Driving Emotion Type S
Street Fighter EX2 Arrange Album
Street Fighter EX3
Trash 005

DETS and the SF EX stuff is Hosoe and Supersweep, mainly Ayako Saso and Takayuki Aihara. I recommended this stuff because it's fairly accessible and the Supersweep team has a pretty familiar sound throughout these CDs. You might even dig Saso's tracks more than Hosoe's!!

Ibara is his latest CD, which f'n owns, and the Trash 005 is a more obscure soundtrack with some of his music that was paired up with various Flash games on the 'net. "Unreleased Track 2" from Trash 005 sounds ripped right out of Under Defeat. But yeah, Hosoe is great.

I also recommend checking out Ridge Racers Direct Audio, which has some queues from his older RR stuff, remixes, and new stuff! Yeah, Hosoe pretty much rules all.

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