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Red HamsterX Sep 7, 2007 (edited Sep 7, 2007)

I had no idea Sting even had a new game in development. (I was kinda expecting them to announce a PSP version of Yggdra Union, given their milking of Riviera... not that the game didn't deserve it)

If Atlus takes this on, which they probably maybe might, given how well their Sting games for GBA seemed to sell,  and the market footprint of the PS2 versus the PSP, they've got my money. And I don't know a single thing about this game.

...Heh. Looks like it's a remake after all. Saturn -> PSX -> PS2, at least assuming I read the article I found correctly.

Dais Sep 7, 2007

McCall wrote:

The PS2 version...... It looks REALLY good to me.... smile smile

Really? To me, it looks kind of like a generic dungeon hack-n-slash with the occasional bit of creativity in terms of monster design (with the human story characters making me a little bit ill). Makes me think that the visual charm of the original is due in part to the limitations of the system(s) it was on.

Also, I haven't given an extensive listen to either soundtrack, but none of the tracks from the original soundtrack album seem to be on the new one. Wasn't Iwata's scores supposed to be one of the most notable things about the game?

Bernhardt Sep 8, 2007

Game Remake/Re-release = Soundtrack Remake/Re-release?

Red HamsterX Sep 8, 2007

Bernhardt wrote:

Game Remake/Re-release = Soundtrack Remake/Re-release?

If Riviera is any indication, we'll probably see some sort of "Full Arrange" or "Premium" version that will either redo the entire soundtrack or provide the new soundtrack, the old soundtrack, and some sort of arrangement disc.

(Riviera's full arrange is very good, and Yggdra's "Image" (arrange) disc is great)

Kim K Sep 8, 2007

The soundtrack has been out for quite some time. Very disappointing release, though; it's a complete remake that has none of that original Baroque magic.

discoalucard Sep 12, 2007

Quick summary! The game is much easier to play than the original, but without the music, it loses a lot of its appeal. Sad. sad The low techness of the Saturn/PSOne game did add to its charm.

Qui-Gon Joe Dec 12, 2007

Smash Bros., No More Heroes, Baroque.  I uhh... really hope I get a job by February to support the impending avalanche of Wii goodness.  :\

Qui-Gon Joe Dec 12, 2007

Arcubalis wrote:

Don't forget Lost Odyssey and DMC4 if you're into those.

Since I'm living off of my savings for the time being, a new console is definitely out of the question.  :\

Would love to play Lost Odyssey, though, especially after finding out that over forty of its staff members are former Nautilus people.

csK Dec 13, 2007

Not Baroque, but ...

"I was kinda expecting them to announce a PSP version of Yggdra Union, given their milking of Riviera... not that the game didn't deserve it"

Cheers to you, as you already know!  I'm really interested in seeing the PSP version, as I really enjoyed the GBA game.  I'm also wanting to try Riviera (the original), as I've read wonderful things (and on the merits of Yggdra!)

And yeah, if Riviera matches Yggdra, then that will probably push me to discover Baroque and thier other titles.

Dais Dec 13, 2007

The only game any of you are buying in February is Shiren DS. Everything else can wait.

(well, Baroque might get a more limited printing, but it's much important to support quality gaming by buying Shiren)

csK Dec 13, 2007

Bang!  Just bought Riviera.  I await to play it with the best of hopes...

Dais Dec 14, 2007

You do realize that Riviera, Yggdra and Baroque all play drastically differently, right?

csK Dec 14, 2007

I've read that.  If theres anything that I appreciate, its unconventionality on the part of a maker of games (case in point: Natsume's SNES games.)  The thing I really liked about Yggdra is how different it was from anything I'd played before--I've read similar things about Riviera.

Dais Dec 14, 2007

well, yeah, if you're rich or something. allowances can be made.

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