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avatar! May 2, 2006

Kirin Lemon wrote:
avatar! wrote:

The music -it was rather bland.  First, I've heard it all before (if there was any original music in that movie, I sure didn't notice it), and secondly I've heard it done better!

The rest of the movie aside... this is some sort of joke, right?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the music from FFVII.  I enjoy the music from other FF games too, but I thought the music in the movie was not particularly well done nor timed.  That's all there is to it!  It came out my opinion.  No joke!


Schala May 3, 2006

avatar! wrote:

Not I... I really didn't know what to expect.  When I started watching it I actually got a bit excited at the prospect of watching what might be a cool movie smile  Then, after watching it, I decided this movie was absolutely CRAPtacular!!

Same here. Although I didn't much care for FF7 the game, I gave this movie a chance. (I mean, hey, if I TRULY despised FF7, I wouldn't have touched Advent Children with a 10-foot pole.) I was very amazed at the CGI and how far it had come from the "okay, we're trying way too hard to make Aki look NOT perfect" miss in Spirits Within. The people looked and moved much more naturally in AC.

I loved the characterization and got a real kick out of hearing voices that I thought were very good fits for the characters (I've listened to only the Japanese voices so far). Otherwise, I thought the movie was rather "meh."

avatar! wrote:

I like movies with intelligent and well thought out plots.  This movie had neither.  In fact, the "plot" was almost non-existent!!

HAHAHAHAHA!! You know, this comment reminds me of when we went to see the live-action Cutey Honey movie. (For those who don't know, Cutey Honey is an anime. But I haven't watched it so I have no idea what the premise is.) I came out of the movie feeling supremely dissatisfied with the lack of substance. To which my b/f said, "Oh, what, you actually went into that movie expecting a PLOT?"

Yeah, the plot of AC was rather fuzzy, now that I think about it. Too many plot holes, I think. Or maybe I just need to watch the movie again with better subtitling.

avatar! wrote:

There was absolutely NO excitement however during the fight scenes, because it was obvious that no matter how much beating a character took, he or she would never die nor seriously get hurt.

I thought the fight scenes were exciting because they were packed with action. But your comment about characters not dying brought to mind the fight between Neo and the innumerable Agent Smiths in the Matrix: Whichever Sequel It Was. I remember reading somewhere (might have been Entertainment magazine) that asked something like, why doesn't Neo just fly away rather than staying to fight all those Smiths? And the answer was basically: Because then there wouldn't be a dramatic fight scene.


The entire battle against that huge creature was pretty silly, to me. I mean, expending all this energy to fight something when whatever-bad-guy's-name-is could easily just summon up another one of those things -- it made the fight seem pointless and useless, rather than giving the feeling that they were in a serious fight that could very well change the course of history.


But hey, the CG was really nice.

jmj20320514 May 4, 2006

Cram wrote:

You fight giant walls in FFVII, you fight Giant Houses for christ sake. Those were unbelievably ridiculas. So there's no room for that in the movie? Like a lot of anime movies I've seen, a whole bunch of unrealistic things happened. Flow with it, it's the norm. Charactors flying and appearing immortal, isn't that exactly how it is in every superhero cartoon and most anime films? I do not see anyone complaining when BatMan and Spiderman go around flying through cities and doing absolutely insane things. That's exactly what the FFVII chars were/are, superhero's. Taking on and defeating 5000 stories tall weapons that the planet creates in the game, with swords and machine guns attached to your arm. That's pretty insane, and it's pretty damn cool.

I'd like to disagree about something. I believe that fighting giant houses with faces and feral rage with swords is totally feasible in the real world. I also believe that large birds that are used as mounts can climb entire mountain ranges... but ONLY if the very best of them are bred together.

As for Cait Sith, I... yikes. I won't even <b>try</b> to justify that one.

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