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Grandia Original Soundtracks II



2 discs, 113 minutes total

Disc 1 (49 minutes)

  1. Off Runs Sue
  2. Justin Hits the Scene
  3. Angel Culture
  4. Deck Swabbing
  5. Inside Sart Ruins
  6. Battle 1
  7. Victory
  8. A Misty Sea of Forests
  9. Gaia Egg
  10. The Airship Launches
  11. ('Gaia fuka')
  12. Jilpadon's Destruction
  13. Leen vs. Gaia
  14. Growing Gaia
  15. At Dinner
  16. Inside Domu Ruins
  17. Four Volley Rounds of Tension
  18. Dungeon 1
  19. New Palm Church
  20. Complete Victory
  21. Village of Ruku

Disc 2 (64 minutes)

  1. Perserverance Cheer
  2. Fight Cheer
  3. The Three Young Women
  4. Dungeon 2
  5. New Palm Sake Bar
  6. Palm Harbor
  7. Inside Twin Tower 1
  8. Battle 2
  9. Unknown Sky Dimension
  10. Galaiel
  11. Farewell
  12. Underground Ruins
  13. Short Loop 1
  14. Short Loop 2
  15. Inside Twin Tower 2
  16. Battle 3
  17. The Cursed Tower
  18. Assault
  19. Aim for a New World
  20. Adventurer'e Society
  • Released Jun 26, 1998 by King Records, TWO 25 FIVE (catalog no. KICA-5013~4, retail 3568 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Grandia's not-so-better half.

Reader review by Stephen

This CD set is the second installment of the Grandia original soundtracks. This CD's instrumentation definitely sounds like it came from a video game system.

The characteristics of disc 1's music are very unbalanced. Musical length is skewed. For example, there are many tracks that are short, but there are a few tracks that last over six minutes. In addition, the musical style is also mixed. The majority of the tracks are filler or mood tracks. For instance, tracks 5, 8, 16, and 18 are mood tracks, but they last so long and are so repetitive that you will want to advance quickly. The instrumentation is adequate, but the composition is too game-like. Overall, the music is probably best heard in the context of the game itself, not as a separate soundtrack. In my opinion, only four tracks sound particularly good. Those few do not save the CD from complete mediocrity.

Disc 2 follows in the footsteps of Disc 1. There are still a lot of filler and mood tracks. The instrumentation is decent, but again the composition is distinctly game-like, including the repetitous musical patterns (see the review of Grandia OST1). Tracks 3 and 16 sound closest to the spirit of Grandia OST1. Overall, this CD is just as mediocre as the first CD.

Unlike its previous installment, Grandia OST2 is not strong buy. The tracks do not have the same feel as Grandia OST1. Game Arts should have arranged all the tracks on Grandia OST2 as well.

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