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TerraEpon May 28, 2007

So, there's a track that's not on the OSTs. I've been wanting this track ever since I played the game...there's no PSFs out there it seems.

The track I'm talking about it is in the area with the mermaid island (or something like that)...and since IIRC it's at the end of disc 1, the disc 2 save at GFaqs doesn't help. -_-

If ANYONE can help me finding this track (and any other tracks not the OSTs), I'd be highly greatful.


Ryu May 29, 2007

Sorry not to help, but I thought I'd throw my request in now that you bring up the game.  I would like to get the OSV of Mullen; I think the first disc of OST1 is an orchestral arrangement.

Bernhardt May 29, 2007

Someone might as well just offer the two OSTs via Sendspace.

I don't see why they just don't reprint the Grandia OSTs; his earlier works were his best.

TerraEpon May 29, 2007 my post again. I don't need to OSTs.


Megavolt May 29, 2007

As a huge fan of the game and the music, I feel tempted to explore this thing.  I haven't played the game in a long time but I do remember the mermaid island and I think I'd notice while playing through it again if there were a song not present on the OSTs.  I've looked for PSFs myself and I'm hoping that we won't have to wait for the SSF format to be completed in order to get a rip of the soundtrack.

Bernhardt May 29, 2007

TerraEpon wrote: my post again. I don't need to OSTs.


I know that. I was just saying, someone might as well post a game rip for the whole game, because people keep asking for these.

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