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Pedrith Jun 5, 2020

Hi.  Just so you know the team behind Symphonic Tale: Rune of Beginning and the forthcoming orchestral arrange of Stardew Valley has released Symphonic Tale: An unforgettable journey (Music from Grandia).  While not familiar with the source material I have listened to a few songs on bandcamp and liked what I heard.  For those interested here is the link to the bandcamp page: … ital-album



Adam Corn Jun 11, 2020

Thanks for the heads-up on this. I just gave it a first listen on Bandcamp and despite the low streaming quality and having never heard the original either I was really impressed. The opening and ending didn't especially impress me but there's lots of good stuff in the middle.

Just to warn everybody, as with the same label's Suikoden symphonic tale album, the price point for the lossless download is fairly high at $25. It seems for whatever reason they're pricing their releases for Japanese series at the same rate the Japanese download services charge.

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