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King of Fighters '94


45 minutes total
  1. KOF '94
  2. KOF '94 (2)
  3. ?
  4. Jungle Bouncer
  5. Clear
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. Slum No.5
  9. Napolitan Blues
  10. Esaka
  11. ?
  12. Psycho Soldier (KOF Version)
  13. R&D ?
  14. ? R&D 1
  15. Um...
  16. Ramp;D 2
  17. ?
  18. Happy Jah!
  19. Sunset Sky Part 4 (PAPAYA Version)
  20. Continue ~ Game Over
  21. -31. (voices and sound effects)
  • Released Oct 21, 1994 by Pony Canyon (catalog no. PCCB-00162, retail 1500 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Mellow, jazzy music - no hard rock here!

Reader review by Paul Hoyak

King of Fighters is not a bad fighting game - the same goes for the music. The CD starts the same way as KOF '95 - the basic theme song, with the typical "background" voices that are in many of the tracks to KOF. Now, as I mentioned in my KOF '95 review - this is *not* a bad thing. The voices add to the song, and are almost a necessary part to the music of KOF. From there on out you'll find most of the music is jazz and blues type. Some of it works pretty well, like track 6 which is very snappy and *very* catchy. Track 12 can only be described as interesting. It's fast, has background electric guitar, and the main tune is piano/keyboard. It's sounds, well, funky. That's the only way I can describe it in print. Other pieces such as the fast and upbeat eighth track and the lighthearted eighteenth track are enjoyable, while some aren't quite as impressive, like the slow and melodious track 19 (can you say "Barry Manilow"?).

Some rocking selections are thrown into the mix as well. Track 4 is the crowning glory of this CD. It's awesome and almost worth the price of the CD (almost...). The track is a hard rock tune, and not repetitive at all (in truth, almost none of KOF music is repetitive). Track 16 is also fast and rocking, with heavy guitars and the signature KOF background voices. You can't really whistle or hum to it, and it's very much like what is in the middle tracks of KOF '95. Classic fighting music, I guess. There's also some "mood music" to be found on the CD. Track 11 begins with a rainstorm. The tune is slower, and gives the feeling of fighting in a haunted castle. Don't get your hopes up, though. It's not as cool as it sounds. Some other ominous pieces are included on the CD that are more effective. Track 9 sets a rather different mood. It's a heavily Italian-flavored song - picture music playing in a pizza parlor or Italian restaurant, heard in cliche movies. It's just like you're fighting on the streets of Venice.

All in all, I would say that this CD is equal to KOF '95. Both have their good and hum-drum songs (nothing is "bad"), and is certainly a must-buy if you are a Neo Geo fan. Otherwise it's questionable.

The original is always the best!

Reader review by Erik Menjivar

The King of Fighters games have all had great soundtracks. However, I have always felt that The King of Fighters '94 had the best soundtrack out of the four. All songs have a lively beat and, if you have played the game, fit the theme of each stage and the characters. "Nepolitan Blues", team Italy's theme, is a perfect example, using Italian instruments to create that "Italian feel". "Esaka", team Japan's theme, happens to be my favorite song on the whole soundtrack. Its upbeat theme and background voices mimic what is seen in the background: a large crowd of fans screaming amongst what sounds like a riot roaring in the streets of Japan. Another favorite is "Psycho Soldier - K O F Version" (track 12). From its quiet, peaceful introduction, to its rock-like theme, this is a song that you'd like to keep on "repeat" for a while.

As for the rest of the soundtrack, it's awesome. Songs like "Jungle Bouncer" and "Crying R and Sorrowful D" carry that heavy metal feeling, while track 11 has that eerie feeling complete with a rainstorm and freaky chanting going on in the background. Overall, I think that fans of The King of Fighters OSVs will enjoy this one the most. Generally it is the better of the four and seems to carry the most variety.

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