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King of Fighters '95


51 minutes total
  1. K.O.F. '95
  2. Devil Medley
  3. Doju Medley
  4. Funky Esaka
  5. The World's Spring
  6. The Tiger
  7. Desert Requiem
  8. The Shattering Gong
  9. Club-M
  10. Ryuko and Ken: 'The Trembling Male Soul'
  11. The Creeping Soil Pacer
  12. Storming Sax
  13. Crying R and Sorrowful D
  14. Hal, the Base, and Melody
  15. Ode to Rugal
  16. Guitar, Omega Rugal
  17. Rugal's End
  18. Kid
  19. Goodbye, Tears
  20. So Long, My Youth
  21. The Sunset Sky Part VI ~ Liebe
  22. Whirlpool of Desire
  23. -35. (voices and sound effects)
  • Released Aug 19, 1995 by Pony Canyon (catalog no. PCCB-00187, retail 1500 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Much like its predecessor, but with better, faster, more exciting tracks.

Reader review by Paul Hoyak

King of Fighters is a fighting game by SNK. The soundtrack has all the music and sound effects from this game. It's a fairly nice CD, with varying musical pieces. However, many of the songs are like you are in the city, with background "voices" and "electronic noise". This does not detract from the music, and in fact adds to it, as it is very appropriate for this modern fighter. As well, all the songs are quite fast with heavy drums (nice!) and some have a pretty good synthesized guitar. I'll give a guide through a few of the more notable tracks. Track 1 is one of the "city" based songs - a very good intro to the game. Ten is slower than the others with a fairly heavy bass. It's very good. Twelve is a jazzy song featuring an organ and saxophone. In the liner notes, there is written music for a small jazz band! Very cool! The music is for a sax, guitar, organ, bass, and drums. A nice touch indeed! Twenty-one is a slow, light song appropriate if you were relaxing in a lounge. (It is interesting to note that there are seventeen pages of liner notes, all in Japanese.) Other tracks have jungle, military, Japanese, and slow, ominous style music, more jazz, and even a circus style tune. All in all, this CD is fairly good - I liked it. However, it may not appeal to everyone, especially if you've heard the Final Fantasy series.

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