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FuryofFrog Mar 27, 2010

I'm going out on a limb here but what songs would you pick for the definitive theme songs for each team in KoF.

Any King of Fighters fans here?

Art of Fighting Team
After a Long Absense -KoF XI-

Fatal Fury Team
176th Street -KoF '99-

Psycho Soldiers
Psycho Soldier ~Super Chinese Remix~ -KoF '02 UM-

Ikari Team
Desert Requiem -KoF '02 UM-

Women Fighters Team
Sha-La-La -KoF '99-

Hero Team
Esaka? -KoF '96-

Rival Team
Arashi no Saxophone -KoF '95-

Korea Team
The Way to Rebirth -KoF '99-

Benimaru Team
Joyrider -KoF '03-

K' Team
Kdd-0075 -KoF XI-

Best Boss Theme
Trash Head (Goenitz) -KoF '96-

Any personal faves? Excited to see if we have any cool remixes for KoF XIII?

GoldfishX Mar 31, 2010 (edited Mar 31, 2010)

Hmm, can I just sum this whole thread up by saying, "King of Fighters 98"? ;p

Seriously, that was the first KoF soundtrack I bought and I didn't know it was mostly remixes/heavier arranges of (already-excellent) prior themes until I delved further. I wish I could say the synth on KoF 96's OST was charming, but it robs the tunes of their greatness...the 96 arrange album and 98 OST fix that.

Main exceptions: Club M -Flute of the Blue Skies- from KoF 95 (Fatal Fury Team) and The Bass Crawls on the Earth from 95 (Female Fighters team..."Fairy" is a great song, but this is a much better theme for the whole team). Their originals are great, but their arranges are some of the best in the whole series.

And yeah, I'm hoping musically for some greatness from KOF XIII. The KoF 2002: Unlimited Match OST was surprisingly strong. I just got into it recently and while I play SF4 far more than KOF, this has music I'd much rather be listening to. Best version of the Psycho Soldier Team Theme, easily and the update to KD-0079 adds a lot to the original.

Judgment Day Apr 2, 2010 (edited Apr 2, 2010)

Well, I'm a fan. Though it's in my opinion that it kinda depends if we're talking Original, Arranged, or Overall. That being said, I'm just going to list original only for now.

Art of Fighting Team: KOF XI

Fatal Fury Team: KOF '99

Psycho Soldiers: KOF '96

Ikari Team: KOF '94 (with '96 and XI at a very close second)

Women Fighters Team: KOF '99

Hero Team: KOF '96

Iori Team: KOF '00 (Even though he was a standalone here)

Korea Team: KOF...'96? (This one was hard, because '99 is really good too)

Benimaru Team: KOF XI

K' Team: KOF '99

Ash Team: KOF XI

Final Boss Theme: KOF '96

SubBoss Theme: KOF '97 Rhythmic Hallucination

Demo Song: KOF '00 Titled 'Devil'

Intro: KOF '98

How to Play: KOF '02

End Song: KOF '98

Misc: For those songs that don't really fit in any category, It should be noted that Rugal's theme from '98 (not Omega Rugal) was pretty good. Actually, rare teams (1 year only), single entries (Shingo), unknown themes ('02 Deserted Town!!!) or teams that split themes ('96 Boss, Yama/Billy/Mary) seem to be really good in their own regard...for the most part.

GoldfishX Apr 2, 2010

Judgment Day wrote:

teams that split themes ('96 Boss, Yama/Billy/Mary) seem to be really good in their own regard...for the most part.

Well, in all fairness, 5/6 of these originated in other games (mainly the Fatal Fury Series, which matched KOF album-for-album for awhile until it kind of faded away) and were pretty major themes (Yamazaki seemed to be important in FF3, Mary had an image song in the Real Bout Special Arrange and a Neo Geo-styled music video in the Saturn game for, Geese, Billy and Krauser's Themes are staples..I know Dust Man is for Mr. Big, but I don't know if the song is new or from Art of Fighting.)

FuryofFrog Apr 2, 2010

Yeah wonderful things like London March and Big Shot and the like all from Garou. It amazing how much wonderful music has come out through the years for this series. I pretty much spend the last 3 or 4 years collecting all the ASTs I could find for it. Dust Man I'm pretty sure is just for KoF '96. His theme in AoF 2 was Blue Moon Factory.

Pellasos Apr 4, 2010

not a big fan of "favorite-polls", but i can't resist giving KoF some well deserved love. the esaka theme from 94 and up will never bore me, same goes for ioris heavy sax-themes.

i go for the whole 96 and 99 soundtracks if i want the whole experience without any filler.

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