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Legend of Heroes IV Electric Orchestra



45 minutes total
  1. A Tear of Vermilion [5:50]
  2. The Village Where They Arrived One Day [4:25]
  3. Stepping Lightly [3:43]
  4. Iron Manufacturing Town ~Guia~ [4:13]
  5. Riding the Ocean on the Wind [4:22]
  6. Rone's Thoughts [4:15]
  7. Seeking the Truth [4:15]
  8. Octum's Desire [4:30]
  9. A Tear of Vermilion ~Friends' Smiling Faces~ [3:49]
  10. The Road Towards Hope ~Light~ [5:39]
  • Released Sep 21, 1996 by King (catalog no. KICA-1188, retail 3000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Better than Symphony Ys '95!

Reader review by Kevin Murphy

I ordered this CD on a whim. I do not like synthesizers at all. Most synthesized game music sounds worse than the original OSV in quality. In fact, the only synth music I actually liked was in Symphony Ys '95, and that's because it sounded so real. I really didn't even care for Ys V Orchestra either.

So it was with low hopes that I put the CD in my player and put on track one. It started with a nice "lullabye", and after about a minute and a half, these drums come in and join an orchestra that sounds very realistic!

None of the other tracks let me down either. I fall in love with track 3 every time I hear it. The OSV of this song is really fast and upbeat, and for this arrangement they made it into a very soothing, relaxing piece. You can tap your toe a bit to track 5, but it still is "laid back." Track 6 sounds almost identical to a certain track in Lunar.

If anyone were to complain about this CD, they would more than likely say every track has a certain "sameness" to it. Yes, that is true. But if you like one track then you probably will like the whole CD.

I received this CD a week before I got Legend of Heroes Piano Collection, and I was surprised that I actually liked this one more. I prefer the fake instruments to the real ones! If you liked Symphony Ys '95 at all, you are bound to love this one.

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