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Record of Lodoss War Original Soundtrack II



41 minutes total
  1. Prologue Of The Wind
  2. Odyssey
  3. Parn's Theme ~Passion~
  4. Deedlit's Theme ~Affection~
  5. Parn's Intention
  6. Dance Party Of Valis Castle
  7. Theme Of Battle
  8. Black Knight Ashram's Theme
  9. The Gray Witch
  10. Dark Island Marmo
  11. Shrine Of Neese
  12. Spiritual Ghost ~ Forest Of No Return~
  13. Rain Of Stars
  14. Moonlight
  15. Requiem of Warriors
  16. Pale Light
  17. Epilogue Of The Wind
  • Released Feb 21, 1991 by Victor Entertainment, Inc. (catalog no. VICL-00114, retail 3000 yen).
  • There was also a U.S. soundtrack release published by JNA Animation (catalog number JNA-1515-2).


The grand music of Lodoss continues in this delightful album.

Essential Listening

Reader review by Jon Turner

The title says it all. This is the second of the Record Of Lodoss War soundtracks. It contains music that didn't make it onto the first Lodoss soundtrack, although not all of it. The remainder of the music can be found on Record Of Lodoss War Original Soundtrack III, but this is no reason to pass up Original Soundtrack II. As a matter of fact, there is no such reason, as all the tracks on here are a delight.

If the first album served as an introduction to the Lodoss series, then the second one picks up from where it left off. If you're worried that the "Parn's Theme" and "Deedlit's Theme" tracks are identical to the ones on the original, don't. These versions are completely different. "Parn's Theme ~Passion~" is darker and more adventurous, and it is nearly impossible to pick out the theme for Parn within the music. "Deedlit's Theme ~Affection~", on the other hand, retains the theme, but plays it in a different octave and style - it's a little more uplifting than the original. "Parn's Intention" is a very lovely, heartfelt string ballad with no sign of Parn's theme, but it is still a very effective track.

My favorite track out of the 17 on this album is "Dance Party Of Valis Castle", a strings-only waltz that sounds like a cross between Mozart and Vivaldi. Not only is this track catchy, it also recalls memories of watching the scene it takes place over. Every time I listen to it, I remember the funny, touching scene where Deedlit tries to get Parn to dance with her. (One of my favorite parts of the OVA!)

If the action cues on the first album didn't seem exciting enough, fear not: I am pleased to announce that the action cues on here are enjoyable, pure excitement. "Theme Of Battle" is really fast, furious, and grandiose, an aptly named track that should please battle music fans. "Black Knight Ashram's Theme" and "Dark Island Marmo" are also in the "intense" category.

There are tracks intended to play on one's emotions in different ways. "Spiritual Ghost ~Forest Of No Return" starts out on the bizarre side, with synthesized melodies playing all around, perhaps to convey a sense of mystery and puzzlement. This works well in the scene where the heroes are traveling through the dark forest, and almost paints a picture of time ticking by their side. "Requiem of Warriors", meanwhile, is a very somber, depressing song that stirs up feelings of sadness.

The rest of the tracks are great, too. But the real treats of the soundtrack are once again the vocal tracks. "Odyssey" is a rollicking, heroic, and uplifting song that didn't make it into the series. (This song can be called an image song, in that it is inspired by the series yet not included.) Surprisingly, the vocalist on the track is the actor who provides the voice of Parn, Takeshi Kusao, whose voice is surprisingly beautiful. I certainly didn't know Takeshi Kusao could sing! Nor did I think could Yumi Tohma, who provides the voice of Deedlit. But her voice on the one track she sings ("Rain Of Stars", a pretty but thankfully non-sappy pop ballad) is also gorgeous. The last song on the album, "Pale Light" isn't as memorable as "Odyssey" or "Rain Of Stars", but the vocal performance of Takeshi Kusao makes the song a delight.

My only quibbles about this album release are that one track is repeated twice ("Prologue Of The Wind" and "Epilogue Of The Wind" are not any different at all from each other), and one track from the original album release is on here ("The Gray Witch", which is entitled "Karla's Theme" on the original release). A few more original tracks from the OVA would have been nice.

Record Of Lodoss War Original Soundtrack II is a delightful, rewarding purchase that should please fans of Lodoss, soundtrack collectors, and newcomers.

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