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Schala Oct 10, 2006

Has anyone seen this massive CD and DVD set?

I've been trying to find tracklists for the CDs online, but no luck. I want to know if a song called "Bara no shigemi" is included in the set. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Bill C. Oct 11, 2006

I'm not 100% certain on this, but according to Bara no Shigemi is the OP for the Record of Lodoss War TV series.  Being that this is the OAV SE, I'm assuming the three CDs are reprints of the three OAV OSTs and this track wouldn't be anywhere on them.

myaje Oct 24, 2006

Bill C. is correct that that song would not be on the cds included with the Lodoss War OVA set.

However, "Bara no Shigemi" isn't the OP for the Lodoss TV series, it is, "Kiseki no Umi (Sea of Miracles)" by Maaya Sakamoto.

However, to answer your question, "Bara no Shigemi can be found on the Lodoss War Eiyukishiden (legend of the heroic knight) OST 2 which can be found here

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