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Sakura Wars Song Collection



48 minutes total
  1. Manifest! Imperial Floral Assault Group!
  2. Sakura
  3. ETUDE
  4. Seductive Mambo
  6. Day Off in Tokyo
  7. Red Hot Boogie
  8. Samba of the Night
  9. Love is a Diamond
  10. Because of Love
  11. Blooming Maidens
  • Released Dec 18, 1996 by BMG Japan (catalog no. BVCH-735, retail 3000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A great buy, even if you've never played the game.

Reader review by TerraEpon

Sakura Taisen is one of my newest video game music loves, and this song collection is comparible to that one of my oldest video game music loves, Final Fantasy. Yes, I like many other people love FF Pray and Love Will Grow. This CD is better than either of them.

Sakura Taisen ("Sakura Wars") is a hit video game series in Japan that unfortunatly never got translated. One of the series's claim to fame is that it uses a number of famous Japaneese voice actresses. They are all showcased right here on this CD. Each one of the six main girls gets her own song, as well as Ayame. Then, there are two duet songs, a long version of the opening theme and the ending theme.

The main reason that this CD is so good is that it's diverse. There are seven different singers, and 11 different styles. Each track stands on its own very well, and all 11 are great to listen to, with melodies you'll be humming time and time again.

Overall, I can't recommend this CD enough. Even if you've never heard of Sakura Taisen, it's a great buy if you like anime-style vocal songs.

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